The Children's Law Committee addresses issues related to children's legal rights and juvenile justice. 

Committee Goals

Legal Education
Educate members of the Bar regarding not only new laws impacting children and current trends in the well-being of children, but also disseminate essential information to enable them to be more effective advocates for children.

Legislative Initiatives
Draft, evaluate, and support legislation in an effort to improve the well-being of children.

Public Information
Provide resources and information regarding children’s legal issues to members of the public. The Committee has provided information on the following topics for the public portion of the Bar website:


A Quick Guide for South Carolina Safe Havens
Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Custody
Child Immigration Law
Child Support
Children with Disabilities
Daniel's Law Poster
Daniel's Law: Information for Mothers and Safe Havens
Daniel's Law: Information for Mothers and Safe Havens (Español)
Drivers Licenses
Early Childhood Care
Guardian Ad Litem
Homeless Students
Juvenile Justice
K-12 Education
Kinship Care in South Carolina
LGBT Children or Parents
Name Changes for Children
Social Media
What is Foster Care?
Who is a "Child"?

Helpful Links

The Family Court Process for Children Charged with Criminal and Status Offenses in South Carolina
USC Children's Law Center 
Home Birth Flyer


Committee Chair:
Amanda Whittle
(803) 734-3176



Staff Contact:

Marla Wood
(803) 576-3782