In South Carolina, children between the ages of 5 and 17 must attend school. See SC Statute §59-65-10 (2012). Below are some helpful resources and links for parents and students.

Attendance and Enrollment:
Enrollment and Attendance Fact Sheet - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center
What SC Law Says About School Attendance - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center
Public School Enrollment Affidavit Form

Children with Disabilities:
Special Education Rights -
Fact Sheets - Protection & Advocacy for People with Disabilities SC 
Helping Your Child During a Special Education IEP Meeting (Spanish version also available)

School Discipline:
Expulsion -
When a School Intends to Suspend or Expel Your Child - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center  (Spanish version also available)
What SC Law Says About Expulsion - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center
School Climate and Discipline - U.S. Department of Education
Dignity in Schools
Advancement Project

School Fees:
School Fees Fact Sheet - SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center  (Spanish version also available)

Charter Schools & Virtual Schools:
SC Public Charter School District
Virtual SC

Policymakers and Other Organizations:
SC Department of Education
SC Education Oversight Committee
SC State Board of Education

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This information was prepared to give you some general information on the law. It is not intended as legal advice about any particular problem. If you have questions about the law you should consult a lawyer. If you do not know a lawyer, you can call the South Carolina Bar Lawyer Referral Service weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The number is 799-7100 in Richland or Lexington Counties, and 1-800-868-2284 from other parts of the state.