Every kid in America has opportunities to break the law every day. In many instances, kids don't even know they are about to break the law. It is crucial that they know just what the law means for them and understand that they are responsible for the decisions they make. LawForKids.org is America 's first stand alone web site dedicated to teaching children about the law in a manner that kids can read quickly and understand easily. With over 1.5 million hits on the website per year from across the nation and even internationally, there is now an avenue for kids who have questions, but are not comfortable enough to ask a counselor, police officer, or attorney in their home community.

LawForKids.org is a free website available to South Carolina youth that explains juvenile laws in a manner that can be read quickly and understood easily. There are quizzes, interactive games, cartoons, comics, law documents, searchable sections on South Carolina law and how it affects young people, as well as links for other law related education websites and websites for research and homework assistance. Perhaps most important to youth who visit LawForKids.org are the interactive forums in which young people may ask questions about the law and receive correct, factual information from volunteer lawyers. So often educating about the law is not only informative as to the actual content of the law, but also dispelling the myths that have become commonplace in society.

LawForKids.org may be accessed from any computer by clicking the preceding link, and then selecting South Carolina from the United States Map. LawForKids.org will then ask if you wish to set South Carolina as your default page upon returning to LawForKids.org.

The South Carolina Bar Law Related Education Division (LRE), with funding from the SC Bar Foundation's Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) grant program is proud to partner with the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education in order to provide this valuable tool to young people in South Carolina . This website is easily accessible by students and teachers and posed questions are done so anonymously. Attorneys can volunteer with this program by participation on the forum and answering questions in their area of expertise.