The South Carolina Bar offers a series of educational brochures and forms on a variety of topics.

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Pocket Legal Counselor

This free packet contains easy-to-read information on more than 15 legal issues, including how to choose the right lawyer, alternative ways to resolve disputes, divorce, elder law, buying a home and estate planning.

Pocket Legal Counselor

Your Guide to Magistrate's Court

This booklet contains explains explains what disputes are appropriate for resolution through Magistrate's Court and includes procedures and forms to help guide you through your case.

Your Guide to Magistrate's Court

Resources for Seniors

Taxes at Death
Why You Need a Will

S.C. Senior Citizens Handbook Advance Care Planning: Talking About Your Health Care Choices

Advance Directive Forms

Listed below are links to living will and health care power of attorney forms that are provided by statute. While it is not required, you are encouraged to consult an attorney for assistance in executing these documents and answering questions specific to your needs.

Health Care Power of Attorney Oder Legal Para Atención Médica Living Will

Children's Issues

Kids' Law (provided by the USC School of Law Children's Law Center) Transitions: Legal Issues for Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs Children Transitioning to Adulthood Home Birth Guide

Self-Represented Divorce

The S.C. Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission, along with S.C. Legal Services, the South Carolina Bar and S.C. Court Administration, developed instructions and forms which have been compiled in a Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet for plaintiffs and defendants. There is also an online option ( that will help complete your forms if you have no children and no property to divide. The purpose of these documents is to provide instructions and forms for people who choose to forego hiring an attorney but would like to file a divorce based on one-year continuous separation. These forms have been approved the S.C. Supreme Court.

Need a Lawyer?

Call the SC Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 803-799-7100 for a free referral.