Law for Young Adults

“Congratulations. You're 18! This is an important milestone in your life. With that comes many exciting opportunities and responsibilities: you can vote, rent your own apartment, open a credit card or buy a car — all without a parent’s consent. You will be making important decisions about your life and your future! Be careful, there are long-term consequences to many decisions.

This new transition also comes with new responsibilities. You are now legally an adult, and although they may, your parents no longer have to support you. You may be responsible for paying your own income taxes. At age 18, you can even be sued, and if you commit a crime, you will not have the protection of the juvenile court; the stakes are higher and the consequence could be jail time.

As you face important decisions in the weeks and months to come, from moving out, to establishing a bank account and credit history, to working and voting, this resource will provide some guidance on the new responsibilities and consequences that apply to you. Keep in mind that laws are constantly subject to change, and if you have a specific legal problem, you may want to consult an attorney.”

Carl L. Solomon

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