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  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 18-02

    Yes, Lawyer may accept financial assistance from the chiropractor to facilitate the dissemination of advertisements on behalf of the Lawyer, with an expectation of client referrals to the chiropractor for treatment, provided adequate disclosures are made. In addition to disclosing the relationship, Lawyer should obtain informed consent, confirmed in writing, regarding the substantial risk that the existence of the relationship may materially limit Lawyer’s ability to represent clients who obtain treatment with the chiropractor.

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 18-01

    May Lawyer act as a property and casualty insurance agent for a local insurance agency selling automobile insurance for insurance carriers Lawyer may submit claims against in Lawyer’s law firm? Yes, provided Lawyer ensures that (1) he does not perform legal work as an insurance agent, and (2) his representation of clients against insurance carriers with which he works as an insurance agent is not materially limited by his responsibilities as an agent.

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 17-02

    Yes, the lawyer may accept and advertise such a designation or accolade, and utilize any “badges,” symbols, or other marks authorized by the designating entity in situations meeting certain criteria.

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 17-01

    A post office address qualifies as an “office address" for purposes of Rule 7.2(d) provided the post office address is on file as the lawyer’s current mailing address in the lawyer’s listing in the AIS.

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 16-06

    The arrangement described herein violates the prohibition of sharing fees with a non-lawyer as described in Rule 5.4(a). In the alternative, assuming, for the purposes of this question only, that the arrangement does not violate Rule 5.4(a), the arrangement would violate the Rule 7.2(c) prohibition of paying for a referral and is not saved by the exceptions found in Rule 7.2(c)(1), (2), or (3).