The Bar provides the following legislative monitoring services for members.

Legislative Services

• Monitoring bills introduced in the Legislature and forwarding proposed bills to Bar committee and section contacts
• Liaison with legislative commissions, committees and agencies
• Direct assistance to Bar sections, committees and other entities which are evaluating and recommending legislative positions
• Prompt communications with interested attorneys, sections and committees and county bar associations when proposals of special interest are scheduled for consideration in the General Assembly
• Weekly Legislative Reports in E-Blast
• An annual end of session electronic report on adopted legislation and regulations for distribution to members (see Legislative Update below)
• Liaison with the ABA’s Governmental Affairs Office and consideration of federal measures
• Liaison with the Bar’s Lawyer Legislator Committee

Requests for Legislation

When requesting legislation, please refer to the designated Act number. Please direct requests for legislation to Kali Turner, South Carolina Bar, P.O. Box 608, Columbia, SC 29202; (803) 799-6653 Ext. 170; Fax: (803) 799-4118; There will be a charge for any print requests exceeding 30 pages ($.10 per page).

General Assembly & South Carolina Code of Laws

Online legislation and regulations are available at The South Carolina Code of Laws is also available at this site.

Legislative Update

The annual Legislative Update is a comprehensive review of all legislation passed by the General Assembly during the legislative session. It is a report intended to provide a brief synopsis of newly enacted legislation and is generally categorized for ease of review. Please refer to the actual and full text of any legislation of interest for detailed provisions and enactment dates.

2023 Legislative Update
2022 Legislative Update

Staff Contact

Kali Campbell Turner
(803) 576-3776