Section Information

Not a member of the Section yet? Join now and share advice and referrals with other Section members on the members-only listserv, participate in free and reduced-cost Section CLE, and be eligible for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer of the Year award. Membership is just $25 annually. Contact the Section liaison to join.

"Being a member of SSF gives me “legal partners” I can seek advice from, share ideas amidst, and problem-solve with. Being able to ask technology related questions and learn about legal software is an added benefit.  The SSF is a wealth of information and resources that improves my ability to practice law.  I’m a better lawyer because of my membership with SSF." 
-Debra Galloway, 2022 Chair, Columbia, South Carolina


Section Chair: 
Debra Galloway
(803) 356-0525


Staff Contact: 
Courtney Troutman
(803) 799-6653, Ext. 183


Listserv Contact: 
Emily Worley 
(803)799-6653, ext. 118