The Bar Book Exchange

Maybe you're retiring or you're transitioning to a new job -- what will you do with your old law books? The market for used law books is weak, but you shouldn't  throw them away. Donate your used law books to another lawyer - maybe a solo or new lawyer - who will appreciate and love the books as you did.

Contact Whitney Yongue (Newberry County Courthouse) at (803) 924-9972 if you are interested in the books currently available (list subject to change without notice):

  • SC Digest- Volumes 1-20
  • CJS- Volumes 1-101
  • Collier’s on Bankruptcy- Volumes 1-7
  • Attorney Textbook on Medicine- Volumes 1-6
  • AmJur Model Trials- Volumes 1-37
  • AmJur 2nd- Volumes 1-82
  • Martindale and Hubbell- 1984-1994
  • SC Law Review Paperback books from the 1970’s
  • Federal Tax Coordinator- Volumes 1-28
  • Trauma- Volumes 1-12
  • United States Supreme Court Reports- Volumes 1-92
  • 2 sets of the SC Code
  • Shepherd’s Citations
  • ALR 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Federal
  • US Code
  • USCA- Supreme Court Annotated Statutes
  • SC Jurisprudence

The Bar Book Exchange is a member benefit. To donate your books, send an email with a brief description of what you are donating to Emily Worley at An email will be sent to the members of the Solo and Small Firm Section giving them a first chance at the books. If the books are not claimed, we can place a notice in E-Blast for you for free. In our experience, donated books are claimed quickly. (Please note that we do not accept used law books here at the Bar. This is a referral service only.) If you have questions, e-mail

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