Annual Bar Convention Committee

The Convention Committee promotes YLD’s involvement with the SC Bar Convention by planning, organizing and implementing a CLE program and an attendance incentive event. The CLE component will offer a program that is of interest to young lawyers and provide at least three CLE credit hours for attendees. The attendance incentive event will be a social gathering for members of the YLD, their guests, a select group of past-YLD presidents and members of the judiciary. Its purposes are to increase young lawyer participation at the Convention and in Bar/YLD activities. Additionally, the committee will be responsible for planning and organizing a meeting for the YLD Executive Council, committee chairs and co-chairs.

Emily Bridges
(864) 577-6379

Julia Bradshaw
(843) 414-8116

Meredith Ross
(803) 734-3095

Joel (“Jay”) A. Berly IV
(843) 277-3711

Diversity Committee

The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to advocate and support diversity in the legal community, to facilitate opportunities for law students and YLD members to grow in their own understanding of diversity, and to promote equality of opportunity for all. The committee is dedicated to creating a more inclusive legal community grounded in respect and appreciation for individual differences. The committee endorses a broad definition of diversity and seeks to create a dialogue through programs and resources that enhance knowledge and encourage understanding of diversity. The most commonly known of these programs is the Diversity Committee’s Lunch and Learn Series, which brings in lawyers and other speakers from a variety of backgrounds to discuss a particular topic. Topics have included discussion on mental health, LGBTQ issues, interactions with law enforcement, and the 2016 Presidential Election and the Hispanic community.

Johnna Menke
(803) 454-6226

Adrian Peguese
(843) 662-9008

Macey Webb
(704) 776-5414

Carles Anderson
(843) 549-1633

Membership Events Committee

This committee is tasked with engaging young lawyers in the Young Lawyers Division, regardless of whether they are newly admitted to the SC Bar or approaching the end of their YLD eligibility. In addition to coordinating member networking events, family-friendly events and new admittee receptions, this committee will also coordinate events designed to provide opportunities for YLD members and law students to interact and introduce law students to the SC Bar and YLD.

Cameodiamond “Cameo” Joseph
(864) 240-3288

Wilson Daniel
(843) 789-3859

Taylor Currin
(843) 958-1850

Mary Cothonneau Eldridge
(803) 253-8982

Professional Development Committee

The purpose of this committee is to assist young lawyers in becoming successful in the profession by facilitating networking opportunities with other young professionals as well as educational opportunities for young lawyers, focusing on relevant issues to the profession. The members of this committee will work with the committee chairs to assist the circuit representatives in planning at least one Professional Development event in each circuit. These events will vary from after work events with other young professional organizations, such as the Young Bankers Division, the SC Association of Certified Public Accountants, and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors of SC, to Lunch and Learn events for YLD members, which take place in a one hour, lunchtime format, and may at times offer CLE credit. Additionally, the Professional Development Committee will continue work on its video series, Secrets to Success. This committee will take on additional projects as they materialize and enhance the professional development of the YLD.

J. Whitney (“Whit”) McGreevy
(843) 576-5547

Michael W. Rabb
(864) 271-5438

Sterling Moose
(803) 720-4436

Michael Parks
(803) 779-4000

Publications Committee

Members of this committee prepare and update YLD publications and facilitate marketing of the YLD, not only among the Division’s members but also to all Bar members and to the public. The committee is responsible for the Division’s newsletter, South Carolina Young Lawyer, which is distributed quarterly to all YLD members and is published on the SC Bar’s website. South Carolina Young Lawyer has received national awards and recognition for the content provided to YLD members. The newsletter contains committee reports, upcoming events, member spotlights and practice tips, among other valuable information.

Haley Saxby 
(803) 255-8035

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Weston
(803) 227-1119

Jessica Majkowski
(803) 253-6879


YLD President:
Paige Chamberlain Ornduff
(843) 735-7600

Staff contact:
Kimberly Snipes
(803) 799-6653, ext. 135