Section Information

This Section maintains interest in a variety of activities related to lawyers and judges. It sponsors or supports programs on litigation skills, effective advocacy and specialized areas of litigation practice in an effort to improve the art and technique of trial advocacy. It promotes professional values in trial advocacy lawyers, cosponsors a CLE seminar at the Bar convention and encourages members to submit articles to South Carolina Lawyer. Other projects include monitoring legislation and posting Section information on the Bar's Web site and through the Section's electronic mailing list. All members of this Section receive access to two free hours of CLE each year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Trial and Appellate Advocacy Section, please forward dues payment in the amount of $20 to: SC Bar, Attn: Donna Oelhafen, P.O. Box 608, Columbia, SC 29202. Please make checks payable to the S.C. Bar and note in the memo portion TAA Dues.

Section Goals

  • Improve and promote the art and skill of trial advocacy in the state and federal courts of South Carolina.
  • Conduct a seminar relating to trial or appellate advocacy at the South Carolina Bar Convention.
  • Conduct or co-sponsor other seminars of the South Carolina Bar and other organizations relating to issues bearing on trial and appellate advocacy, including to the extent possible, advocacy workshops designed to improve the courtroom skills of TAA members, both at the Trial and Appellate level.
  • Encourage members to submit trial or appellate advocacy related articles for publication in the South Carolina Lawyer, in any newsletters of the Bar, and on the Bar’s website.
  • Monitor legislation and proposed court rules relating to trial and appellate practice and procedure, and, where appropriate, submit comments, recommendations and amendments to the South Carolina Bar, the General Assembly, and the Supreme Court.
  • Work with other Sections, Divisions, and Committees of the South Carolina Bar on matters involving trial and appellate advocacy.
  • Develop and promote an opt-in discussion forum listserv to increase full section communication and participation.

Trial and Appellate Advocacy Award 

The Award recognizes a lawyer who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to trial and appellate advocacy in the legal profession.  

Past Recipients

2021: T.F. “Biff” Sowell
2020: Mark Farthing
2019: Whitney Harrison
2018: Brett H. Bayne
2017: John I. Mauldin
2015: John S. Nichols
2014: Richard H. Willis
2013: Robert E. Stepp
2012: William W. Wilkins
2009: Robert J. Thomas
2007: E. Warren Moise

Section Chair:
Benjamin Gooding 
(803) 231-7821
Staff Contact:
Marla Wood
(803) 576-3782