Salute to our Veterans

The South Carolina Bar would like to thank those who have served. To show our appreciation, please enjoy this slideshow of our members in uniform. Our members serve the country and protect the law.

In January 2018 the SC Attorney General launched a new program to help coordinate and supply pro bono legal services to veterans throughout South Carolina. During the program's first event in Rock Hill, nearly 60 veterans and their spouses received free wills and HCPOAs. The event was conducted by Judge Guyton and representatives from the SC Bar, SC Attorney General’s office and SCSG JAG officers. To learn more about the SC VALOR Program or to volunteer, contact Tim Frisby at For additional information regarding the program, please visit

Article: New VALOR program to assist SC military members with legal matters

Section Information

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Military & Veterans’ Law Section, please forward dues payment in the amount of $15 to: SC Bar, Attn: Tara G. Caine, P.O. Box 608, Columbia, SC 29202. Please make checks payable to the SC Bar and note in the memo portion Military Dues.

Military Spouse Rule Enacted

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S.C. State Office of Veterans' Affairs

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Office of Service Member Affairs

S.C. NOVA Attorneys

Accredited VA Attorneys

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