This Committee identifies factors that impact lawyer wellness, recommends programs to promote health and wellness of Bar members, and educates the bench and bar about wellness issues and resources.

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Committee Goals

  • Promote statewide wellness programs available for all members of the state bar including the areas of physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, social engagement and mental health.
  • Continue to post new content on the wellness website and social media for state bar members.
  • Seek out and promote opportunities for publication of articles and presentations at local bar and professional functions regarding wellness topics.
  • Present a seminar at the Annual Bar Convention in January.
  • Support wellness programs at our two law schools.
  • Promote education and assistance for issues relating to senior attorneys.

Committee Chair:
Natalie Ecker 
(864) 271-5428



Staff Contact:
Marla Wood
(803) 576-3782