The Animal Law Committee will provide education, updates and analysis of relevant issues, and holds regular meetings to discuss the changes and new directions in animal law. The Committee will maintain a website, offer CLE and public service programs, and monitor, study and make recommendations on legislation as appropriate as it relates to animals in the law. It shall also serve as a reference point to facilitate cooperation with government agencies, non-governmental humane societies, rescue organizations, animal clubs, breeders of animals, and other entities and persons involved in legal issues affecting animals.

On demand  Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh my! seminar.

SC Court Form SCCA 426, Family Court Protection Order Form Domestic Abuse Act


Animal Agriculture:

Beaufort County Livestock Evacuations Ordinance
Beyond Big Meat
The End of Meat is Here
Right to farm: Indiana families ask U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on case over factory farm
How many hogs can be slaughtered per hour? Pork industry wants more
Stealing Lauri
Tainted Pork, Ill Consumers and an Investigation Thwarted
The Latest: 1 arrested on abuse charges at Indiana farm
Suits accuse dairy company of consumer fraud for touting 'extraordinary care and comfort' of cows
Fair Oaks Farms abuse: Undercover video shows animal cruelty, Indiana founder admits
'Disturbing' video of calves being abused prompts Casey's Foods, Jewel to remove Fairlife dairy items

Animal Cruelty and Welfare Laws:

Trump signs a sweeping federal ban on animal cruelty
Rep. Nancy Mace Introduces Bill to End Testing on Dogs
Potential Amendments to Orangeburg County Animal Ordinance
Since 2010, SC authorities have investigated nearly 75,000 incidents involving dogs
‘It’s a step forward’: North Myrtle Beach looks to strengthen law on animal welfare
After animal welfare laws pass, animal supporters push for stronger tethering provisions
New laws to protect animals passed in South Carolina
SC Lawmakers aim to strengthen animal cruelty laws
National directory of abuse investigation agencies makes it easier to report animal cruelty

Animals in Family Law:

Are pets assets or part of the family? States are passing laws that give judges a longer leash in divorce custody proceedings

Animals in Tort Law:

Buyers Sue Pet Food Co. After 70 Dogs Die
Courts are awarding significant damages to families whose dogs are killed by police

Companion Animals:

The Racial Impact of Breed Discriminatory Laws
Auto Accessory Co. Sued Over 'Sham' Deer Whistles
Ending 'Pawsuit,' Mass. Judge Rules Puppies Are Livestock
Upstate woman claims a Grand Strand animal rescue won't return her dog
Company is offering 'Fur-ternity Leave' for new pet owners

Entertainment Animal Issues: 

Big Cat Public Safety Act News and SC Representatives
Tiger King: How is that legal?
It's a good bet dog racing may end
Tiger King Nightmare - Letter to the Editor by Stacey Besser

Equine Law:

Cloning, Anti-trust and the American Quarter Horse Association

International Animal Law News:

Electric shock collars for bets to be banned

Service/Therapy/Emotional Support Animals:

Americans with Disabilities Act 
Veteran/community conflict over McClellanville dog with possible aggression issues
Local Service Dog Issues
Can an ADA Covered Entity Require Certification or Professional Training of a Service Animal?
Emotional support dog didn't have priority over tenant with allergies, state supreme court says
VA and Pet Partners combine efforts to bring therapy animal services to more Veterans
"Fake service dogs" causing real problem in the Midlands

Shelter Issues:

Orangeburg County Animal Ordinance Discussions
ABA helps animal shelters address challenges during COVID-19 pandemic
Victory! Delaware Becomes The First No-Kill State For Shelter Animals
Veterinarian shortage contributing to animal shelter overcrowding

Wildlife Issues:

Horry County Beaver Bounty
SC agency denies request to temporarily ban poison on Kiawah Island linked to bobcat deaths
Bobcat Guardian Preservation Program

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