Disposing of Old Computers

The never-ending technology lifecycle mandates replacing old computers every few years. But what happens to the old PCs after you don't want them anymore? Before you dump them, examine your responsibilities as a lawyer and possible options for safely disposing of old computers.


How to Safely Get Rid of an Old Computer by Suzanne Kantra, Techlicious

How to Clean Out and Organize Your Computer by Natasha Stokes, Techlicious

Rethinking the Process of Hard-Drive Sanitizing by Fred Langa from Windows Secrets

Disposing of Old Technology by Jeffrey Alan from GPSolo Magazine

When the Devices are Done by Katherine Boehret

Five Websites That Turn Your Used Electronics into Money by Jason Cipriani

The Best Places to Trade-in Your Electronics by Suzanne Kantra

10 Ways to Trade Your Old Electronics for Cash by Christine Erickson


Select locations of Goodwill Industries, in cooperation with Dell, accept old computers for recycling. Be sure to search the Internet for a location in your area

Amazon Trade-In Program - Trade in your unwanted electronics for an Amazon gift card.

Best Buy's Trade-In and Save Program - Trade in your old devices to save money on purchasing new versions. Best Buy will also recycle your old electronics for free.

GreenerChoices.org - A new website from Consumers Union, the people who bring us Consumer Reports magazine.

South Carolina DHEC - Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling

Environmental Protection Agency

Earth 911

Gazelle - Sell your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

National Recycling Coalition

National Cristina Foundation

The Consumer Education Initiative (CEI) 

PC Recycling

Don't forget that many counties in South Carolina have electronics or heavy metal recycling available. Check the county in which you live.

Apple Product Take-Back and Recycling

IBM Asset Recovery Solutions - Recycling and Buyback services

Dell Recycling Programs

Gateway End-of-Life Management Options      

HP Environment: Product Return and Recycling

PC Disposal.com                                                        

Intercon Solutions

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