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Adobe Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Ernie Svenson

  • Want to make better use of PDFs and be more organized? This book is written for attorneys and professionals who want to learn how to use Acrobat to view PDFs, create searchable PDFs, create signature stamps, plus more!

Cloud 3.0: Drafting and Negotiating Cloud Computing Agreements - by: Lisa R. Lifshitz and John A. Rothchild, Editors

  • This book shares cloud computing fundamentals as well a deeper dive into cloud computing negotiations. Discover practical tips, best practices, and other legal obligations concerning cloud computing negotiations.

Cybersecurity for the Home and Office: The Lawyer's Guide to Taking Charge of Your Own Information Security by John Bandler

  • This book seeks to help lawyers take charge of their own information security in their homes and offices. 

Cybersleuth's Guide to the Internet, The: Conducting Effective Free Investigative & Legal Research on the Web - by: Carole A. Levitt, JD, MLS and Mark E. Rosch

  • This book shows readers various internet search strategies to help them in solving their investigative and legal research questions.

Electronic Discovery for Small Cases: Managing Digital Evidence and ESI - by: Bruce A. Olson and Tom O'Connor

  • As organizations create more digital data, electronic discovery costs have increased. This book provides an outline of e-discovery techniques and reviews of software products. This book will help you determine if you should collect electronic stored information (ESI) yourself or hire a consultant, select the best tool for your budget, make the most of your e-discovery software with guidance, plus more.

Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers - by: Daniel G. Ries, Sharon D. Nelson, John W. Simek

  • Do you understand encryption and how it applies to your practice? This simple guideline takes some of the guesswork out of this technical topic and will help to explain the basics and history of encryption, encryption ethics, encrypting technology, easy to use options for encrypting data, how to encrypt data on the go, and predictions for the future of encryption.

Evernote as a Law Practice Tool - by: Heidi Alexander

  • Discover how you can use Evernote as a law practice tool from Practice Management Advisor - Heidi Alexander. 

Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell

  • Is your firm on Facebook? This book considers the business possibilities of Facebook and how lawyers can use this powerful tool for both professional and personal purposes. In one hour learn how to: set up an account, set privacy settings, create a profile and manage your timeline, establish a business page, monitor your network, develop a strategy, plus more!

Fastcase®, The Definitive Guide: All You Need to Know about Fastcase 7 by: Brian Huddleston

  • Learn how to use your research time effectively and efficiently through the variety of resources in Fastcase 7 ®.

Find Info Like a Pro: Mining the Internet's Public Records for Investigations - by: Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch

  • Planning to conduct investigative and background research? This book was written for legal professionals and others who need it to provide a simple guideline to conduct investigative research. This book will help you determine where to begin, decide when to use fee-based databases instead of free sites, find addresses for service of process, etc.

Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools - by: Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch

  • What is Google for Lawyers? Google for Lawyers will help you learn the ins and outs of Google search shortcuts and how to use Google's advanced features for research. Also learn how to advertise and market your firm using Google plus much more!

Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch

  • Have you been looking for a step-by-step guide for lawyers to learn what features and functions are available in Gmail and Google Calendar? This step-by-step guide will help you create a Google Apps for a Business account, get started with gmail as your e-mail service provider, use labels and customized settings to manage e-mail, plus more!

If You Are Me, Then Who Am I? - The Personal and Business Reality of Identity Theft - by: John P. Gardner, James D. McCartney, Jeffrey Omtvedt 

  • If you or someone you know is a victim of identity theft, this book will take you beyond the general facts of identity theft and put you in the shoes of Identity Theft Victims. In this book learn how your personal information can be used against you to harm you and how you can protect your customers, employees, and clients.

Internet Legal Research on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Resources for Lawyers - by: Carole A. Levitt and Judy K. Davis (First and Second Edition)

  • This book will help you find the best free or low cost resources online and how to use them. Use this book to navigate and use legal portals and directories, case law databases, Casemaker and Fastcase, Dockets, Cite-checking cases, plus more.

Internet of Things, The: Legal Issues, Policy and Practical Strategies by: Cynthia H. Cwik, Christopher A. Suarez, and Lucy L. Thomson, Editors

  • This book provides a variety of information about the internet of things. Discover new and emerging technologies, it's impact on cars and other transportation systems, drone law, communications, blockchain, plus much more. Also, discover hot trends and legal issues, consumer rights, insecurity of things, data protection, plus much, much more.

iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Tom Mighell

  • What are the best iPad apps for any law practice? This short guide shares how to find apps to get you organized and improve your productivity, how to create, manage, and store documents on your iPad, how to choose the best apps for your law office, plus more!

iPad in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Tom Mighell

  • Would you love to get more out of your iPad for your practice? This short guide shows you how to quickly navigate and use some of the latest versions of the iPad, set up mail, contacts, and your calenda, create and use folders to multitask and manage apps, add files and sync them, view pleadings, case law and other documents, plus more!

Law Firm Cybersecurity by Daniel Garrie and Bill Spernow

  • This book covers basic cybersecurity terminology, why it is important to deploy cybersecurity framework in a law firm, and important tips and framework specificially written for law firms.

Lawyer's Guide to Adobe Acrobat, The: Covers Adobe Acrobat 8.0 - by: David L. Masters

  • Looking to increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve client services by moving from paper-based files to digital records? This book focuses on ways attorneys can do that by using Acrobat to create PDF fildes from a number of software programs. Check out this guide to use PDF files the smart way and learn how to create forms. Plus lots more!

Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies, The: Smart Ways to Work Together - by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell

  • This book shows you how to use tools you already have to work more effectively on projects with colleagues. Learn the basics of collaboration and collaboration tools, how to select tools and strategies, how to collaborate on documents, cases, transactions, projects, plus more!

Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies, The: Smart Ways to Work Together  - by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell (2nd edition)

  • Updating the tools and technologies from the previous edition, this book expands on collaboration in the legal field and is a comprehensive guide to show you how to use collaboration in every area of your practice.


Lawyer's Guide to Records Management and Retention, The - by: George C. Cunningham

  • Want to learn more about the legal and ethics rules for maintaining hardcopy and electronic documents? This guide teaches you how to minimize risk to your clients and law practice. It also shares tips on how to improve productivity and save costs by following important record management guidelines.

Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers, The - by: Ruth Carter

  • Are you thinking about blogging but want to understand the legal implications of publishing your thoughts on the Internet? This book will help you understand the First Amendment rights of bloggers, how to register and protect your blog's copyright, how to legally integrate others' work into your blog, plus more!

LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Dennis Kennedy and Allison C. Shields

  • Learn how to make the most of your online professional networking. This short guide shows you how to leverage your connections by setting up a LinkedIn account and building connections. Get up to speed on how to use all the multimedia options, add functionality, use search tools, etc.

LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices - by: Marc W. Halpert

  • This book will teach you why and how to make LinkedIn a powerful tool for your practice.

Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers - by: Sharon Nelson, David G. Ries, John W. Simek

  • Are you paying attention to data security? Do you know how to respond to the growing number of breaches and threats? This book provides the basics you need in a simple format. Topics include: the latest news in the data breach world, the ethical issues of data security, the need for a comprehensive approach to security, the dangers of using laptops, tablets and smartphones on public Wi-Fi, plus more!

Macs in Law: The Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using Attorney - by: Brett Burney and Tom Lambotte

  • Are you a Windows-Using Attorney looking to make the switch to Mac? This guide will help you understand the pros and cons running a Mac-based law practice.

Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers: A Practical Guide to Options and Implementation - by: Ben M. Schorr - 1st and 2nd edition

  • Looking to learn more about Microsoft Office 365? These books will help you understand how the Microsoft Office 365 system works and help you decide whether it is a right fit for your practice by sharing features, common issues, and whether your present infrastructure will integrate with Office 365.

Microsoft OneNote in One Hour for Lawyers: A Practical Guide to Options and Implementations - by: Ben M. Schorr

  • What's Microsoft OneNote and how is it useful to lawyers? Find out in this quick and easy guide! Learn how to start your first notebook, take notes more efficiently, add audio and video recordings, capture and organize notes, collect research and more!

Modern Lawyer, The: Ethics and Technology in an Evolving World - by: Megan Zavieh

  • This book will prepare you for the modern and evolving world of lawyering.

Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Sheila M. Blackford and Donna SM Neff

  • Looking for some tips to run your law office digitally? This quick one hour guide will show you how to get your colleagues and staff on board, how to analyze your current paper workflow and set new goals, assess hardware and software, become a PDF expert, develop or acquire a document management system, plus lots more! Check it out!

    Paperless Law Office, The: A Practical Guide to Digitally Powering Your Firm - by: Benjamin F. Yale

    • Thinking about converting to a paperless office but not sure if it can be done? This easy-to-read book teaches you why you should think about converting to a paperless office, the first steps to converting, and how to do so confidentially and securely. Plus learn other steps in the process in a simple and quick process that this book teaches you how to do.

    PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers - Paul J. Unger

    • Do you use PowerPoint? Are you using it properly? This quick guide shows you how to create and edit PowerPoint slides, use graphics, animations, etc., use colors and shapes, insert other file formats, and much more! Plus, learn what to do and not do when you make presentations.

    Social Media as Evidence - by: Joshua Briones and Ana Tagvoryan

    • Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media channels have become evidentiary gold mines for impeaching witnesses and undermining a company's litigation position. This book will help you learn the latest rules governing the preservation and use of social media data, navigate complex social media issues with practice pointers, advise your clients on records retention policies pertaining to social media, and more.

    Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier - by: Carolyn Elefant and Nicole Black

    • Do you use social media in your law practice? This book provides a practical, goal-centric approach to using social media in your law practice. This book explains why social media is so important for lawyers and busts some of the myths that deter lawyers from engaging on social media.

    Technology Tips for Lawyers and Other Business Professionals - by: Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

    • Looking for short tips for a wide range of technology issues? This book is designed to help the seasoned tech professional as well as the individual still learning.

    Technology Tips for Seniors - by: Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

    • This book includes "senior friendly" technology tips  presented in an easy to read format. 

    Technology Tips for Seniors - Volume 2.0 - by: Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

    • This book includes more "senior friendly" technology tips  presented in an easy to read format. 

    Tech Contracts Handbook, The: Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses... - by: David W. Tollen (2nd and 3rd edition)

    • Ever wonder how to get IT deals accomplished? Want to understand technology agreements more clearly? This user-friendly guide is a reference manual and training guide on software licenses and other IT agreements, along with cloud computing issues. This book is for anyone responsible for getting IT deals done. The third edition is ideal for lawyers and businesspeople who are responsible for contracts.


    Ultimate Guide to Adobe(R) Acrobat (R) DC, The by Daniel J. Siegel and Pamela A. Myers

    • This guide, specificially designed for what law offices and businesses use in Adobe(R) Acrobat (R) DC, explains features, why they are helpful, and how to use them.

    Word Press in One Hour for Lawyers: How to Create a Website for Your Law Firm - by: Jennifer Ellis

    • Do you have a law firm website? If not, you should! This simple to use guide will show you how to choose a web host, select and set up a domain name, install and customize WordPress software, create a look for your website, add content, images, improve your website with SEO techniques, plus more!