101+ Practical Solutions for the Family Lawyer: Sensible Answers to Common Problems - by: Gregg Herman

  • Learn from family lawyers who have made their practice more effective. 

2015 Legal Assistant's Complete Desk Reference: A Handbook for Paralegals and Assistants - by: Ursula Furi-Perry

  • Looking for a thorough guide to all the rules and regulations dictating your paralegal or legal assistant's job performance? This book provides an introduction into the day in the life of a legal assistant, court systems and procedures, how to prepare legal instruments, documents, and court filings, legal research and writing, trial preparation, areas of practice, state by state resource, and a glossary of common legal terms.

Articulate Attorney, The | Persuasive Skills for Lawyers in Trials, Appeals, Arbitrations, and Motions - by: Brian K. Johnson and Marsha Hunter

  • This book teaches you useful techniques to grab and hold people's attention, gesture while speaking, control your pace, speak in phrases, interact with electronic evidence, plan to forget and recover with confidence, and practice productively so you are prepared and primed to perform.

Becoming the Tech-Savvy Family Lawyer - by: Melissa Kucinski and Daniel J. Berlin

  • Would you love to learn the keys to maintaing and building a legal practice, especially for family lawyers? Would you love to know how other family lawyers are fitting tech gadgets into their practice? This book seeks to explore these topics and more as it shows how family lawyers can integrate tech tools into their daily practices.

Being Heard: Presentation Skills for Attorneys - by: Faith Pincus

  • This book provides you with practical advice on how to learn public speaking skills and give better presentations.

BIFF: Quick Responses to High-Conflict People, Their Personalities... - by: Bill Eddy, LCSW, ES

  • Looking for a resource on how to deal with high conflict people? This brief guide shows you the steps on how to respond or whether to respond at all.

Building Your Practice with Pro Bono for Lawyers - by: Nelson P. Miller

  • This book explains 10 pro bono opportunities that will broaden your practice and legal career. This book will help you develop the skills to serve pro bono clients, how to learn from other lawyers by sharing their pro bono cases, how to gain new confidence and skills doing pro bono work, plus lots more.

Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success, The : Essential Tips to Power your Practice - by: Reid Trautz and Dan Pennington

  • Looking for common-sense practical tips to help you be more productive, profitable, and happier? This little book is just the ticket! Filled with over 700 practical common-sense nuggets of helpful tips on practice management topics like marketing, time management, technology, HR issues, ethics, client service, etc. This book provides quick tips that can be immediately implemented in your law practice.

Checklists for Lawyers - by: Daniel J. Siegel, Molly Barker Gilligan, and Pamela A. Myers

  • This simple guide shows you how to use checklists to create systems for your law practice. It even includes a few simple and practical checklists to help you manage your practice.

Complete Guide to Divorce Practice, The: Forms and Procedures for the Lawyer - by: Larry Rice;  5th edition

  • Are you just starting out building your divorce practice or do you want to build your document library? This guide provides content including forms, checklists, worksheets, formal motions, orders, pleadings, agreements, and letters in the following areas: law office management, clients, client interview, complaints, discovery, marital dissolution agreement, alternative dispute resolution, trial, final decree, motions, petitions, plus more!

Criminal Lawyer's Job, The: A Survival Guide - by: Amber L. St. Clair

  • Looking for a resource to help guide you through the journey of representating an individual who is alleged to have committed a crime? This book explains how the criminal justice process works, how to handle the initial client meeting and interview, information on appearing at initial proceedings, and how to communicate with the prosecutor and the court. Plus, learn how to prepare motions, prepare for trial, plus more!

Curmudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law, The - by: Mark Herrmann

  • What drives law partners crazy, what impresses them and what mistakes should you avoid? This book is a favorite must-read for every lawyer and law student. Learn from the Curmudgeon's experiences, wisdom, and observations through the years of practicing law.

Client Letters for the Family Lawyer: Saving Time Managing Relationships and Practicing... - by: Mark E. Sullivan

  • Looking for samples of practice-tested forms, letters, and checklists to help educate and inform your family law clients? This book is organized in four different areas. These include office procedures, discovery and trial procedures, state-specific issues, and general or federal law.

Convincing the Judge: Practical Advice for Litigators - by: Cecil C. Kuhne, III

  • What do judges like and do not like and how do you deal with the judge through the litigation process? This book shares advice of judges to practitioners appearing in judges' courtrooms and provides practical advice on cooperation between judges and counsel, getting to know the judge, what trial judges ultimately want, how to alienate the trial judge, and more.

Forms, Checklists, and Procedures for the Family Lawyer - by: Mark A. Chinn

  • Looking for some sample forms, checklists, and policies to help organize your family law/divorce practice? This book provides an easy outline of form letters, checklists, policies and procedures that lawyers can adopt and make their own. Topics include: client intake, initial stages of representation, administrative tasks, case management, settlement, plus lots more!

Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Clients: A Lawyer's Guide - by: Joan M. Burda

  • This book provides an introduction to look at issues from the perspective of lesbian, gay, and transgender persons. Topics include: LGT relationships, children, adoption, parenting rights, LGT students and schools, LGT elders, estate planning, immigration, and more.

Getting Things Done | The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - by: David Allen

  • This book teaches you how to apply the four d rule to get your inbox to empty, reassess goals and stay focused, plan projects, and feel fine about what you are not doing, plus more!

How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice - by: Mark A. Chinn

  • Want to learn the specialized business aspects of a family law practice? This book covers how to start a practice, what office systems and marketing you need in place, fees and billing, dealing with clients, staffing issues, service ethos, trial preparation, time, case, and financial management, plus taking care of yourself!

How to Build and Manage an Estates Practice - by: Daniel B. Evans

  • Are you looking for a resource to help you shorten the learning curve for building and managing an estates practice? This resource shares ideas from other successful estate practitioners on how they got started in their practice and have become successful. It is filled with guidance ideas on marketing, effective client communications, fee agreements, ethics, hiring personnel, and more.

How to Build an Entertainment Law Practice - by: Gary Greenburg

  • Are you looking for a resource to help you shorten the learning curve for building and managing an entertainment law practice? This book addresses a lot of different issues including how to get started, how to prepare a business plan, how to get your foot in the door, how to create the right image, and how to market your practice. Plus check out sample forms, letters, and checklists!

How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practiceby: Mark A. Chinn (2nd edition)

  • Looking to build and manage a family law practice? This guide dives into a lot of the practice management details.

How to Build and Manage a Personal Injury Practice - by: K. WIlliam Gibson

  • Are you starting a personal injury practice or are interested in improving your current practice? This book explains how to plan for a personal injury practice, decide whether to go solo or form a partnership, how to market and finance your practice, interview clients and keep them happy, manage your workload, choose office space and equipment, plus much more!

How to Start and Build a Law Practice - by: Jay G. Foonberg

  • Have a question about starting and growing your own law practice? This book will help you with all the specific challenges you undoubtedly will encounter when you open your office. Get answers to e-mail and the internet, law firm mergers and dissolutions, student loans, nonlawyer consultants, the globalization of legal practice, and much more!

How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer - by: Stewart Edelstein

  • This book provides some of the inside scoop that effective trial lawyers have learned on the job during the civil litigation process. Learn how to deal with clients, how to deal with support staff, witnesses, other lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, judges, and jurors. Discover how to manage drafting emails and letters, pleadings, internal memos, motions, briefs, discovery, jury instructions, and settlement arguments, plus lots more!

How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer - by: Stewart Edelstein (2nd edition)

  • This book includes checklists, tables of rules cited, and a detailed index for quick reference to just what you need.

Law Office Policy and Procedures Manual for Solo and Small Firms - by: Demetrios Dimitriou

  • This guide provides everything you need to establish an appropriate organizational structure to allow your firm operate efficiently. This step by step guide offers practical advice and ideas to maintain a thoroughly professional law staff and practice.

Lawyer's Essential Guide to Writing, The: Proven Tools and Techniques - by: Marie Buckley

  • Looking for a resource to help improve your contemporary legal writing? This guide shows a systematic approach to all forms of written communication including memoranda, briefs, e-mails, and blogs.

Lawyer's Guide to Estate Planning, A; Fundamentals for the Legal Practitioner - by: L. Rush Hunt and Lara Rae Hunt - 4th edition

  • Looking for a guide to help your practice with Estate Planning? This guide provides a roadmap with the basics of estate planning and questions practitioners or clients may wonder about. 

Letters for Divorce Lawyers: Essential Communications for Clients, Opposing Counsel, & Others - by: Martha J. Church

  • Simplify your divorce practice with sample letters from other divorce practitioners. This book covers the usual life of a typical divorce case and letters for initial client contact, declination, retention letters and employment, contracts, billing, withdrawal, pleadings, etc.

Letters for Lawyers: Essential Communications for Clients, Prospects & Others - by: Thomas E. Kane

  • Would you love to take the guess work of how to write simple but yet effective communications to your clients or others? This book covers numerous communication tools written by other practitioners including business letters, announcement cards, invitations, survey forms, response cards, press releases, and thank you notes.

Letters for Litigators: Essential Communications for Opposing Counsel, Witnesses, Clients & Others - by: Daniel I. Small

  • Simplify your litigation practice with sample letters from other litigators. This resource includes letters that can help simplify the task of communicating with opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, the court, and others.

Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self Help Client - by: Stephanie L. Kimbro

  • Looking for new ways to deliver your legal services while attracting new clients? This book seeks to discover the landscape of limited scope representation or unbundled legal services. This book provides a step by step guide for implementation, tips for unbundling in various practice areas, ethics concerns, best practices, technology guidance, and more!

Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers - by: John Schaffner and Julie Fershtman

  • This guide is perfect for lawyers who may be unfamiliar with the various laws in the field of animal law. This guide provides a basis on how to handle those cases. Discover information about personal injury and negligence, disputes over animal posssesion, wills and trusts involving animals, veterinary malpractice, insurance litigation and more.

Litigator's Guide to Expert Witnesses, A - by: Cecil C. Kuhne, III

  • This book examines the role of the expert witness and provides practitioners with extensive case studies of expert witness testimony in litigation. It also provides practical information on taking depositions, qualifying experts, admitting testimony, attorney-client privilege, rules of discovery, and selecting evidence.

Litigators on Experts: Strategies for Managing Expert Witnesses from Retention through Trial - by: Wendy G. Couture and Allyson W. Haynes

  • Learn from experienced litigators who share step-by-step instructions on how to research, retain and work with expert witnessess. Explore topics such as: credibility and dependability of an expert, expert expertise, respect within relevant field, and appropriate education for an expert.

Practicing Law in Small Town America - by: Richard L. Hermann

  • This book shares what small-town practice is like in its rich diversity, sharing how practitioners got where they are, and what a small-town lawyer needs to know and do in order to live and work in a small community. This book shares: setting the small town practice scene, defining small town America, what's different about small towns, and more!

Time Management for Attorneys: A Lawyer's Guide to Decreasing Stress, Eliminating Interruptions, and Getting Home on Time - by: Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis

  • Would you love to decrease stress, lessen interruptions in your day, and actually make it home on time? Learn strategies lawyers use on a daily basis to decrease stress, manage time more efficiently, and get out of the office to do things they enjoy.