ABA Guide to Lawyer Trust Accounts, The - by: Jay G. Foonberg

  • ​Do you need help understanding the practical guidelines for trust accounting? This guide provides the history of ethics rules, the pitfalls on IOLTA requirements, how you could be potentially violating those rules, and ways to work with your accountant to set up the systems you need to avoid trust account problems.

Anatomy of a Law Firm Merger: How to Make--or Break--the Deal - by: Hildebrant International

  • Businesses and consumers are more savvy than ever about the legal services they need, and if your firm cannot provide those services, they won't hesitate to go elsewhere. With increased specialization and geographic expansion within the legal marketplace, more and more firms are faced with adapting to change. Although a variety of solutions are available, this book explores the law firm merger. Learn if a merger will be beneficial, how to use an outside service to locate potential candidates, plus more!

An Introduction to Law Firm Practice - by: Michael Downey

  • Ever wonder how a law firm operates? This book is a systematic study of how lawyers practice law at private firms and helps to navigate you in how a law firm works. This guide discusses: organizational structure, how firms develop business and generate revenue, client intake, business development, firm culture, and more!

Being Prepared: A Lawyer's Guide for Dealing with Disability or Unexpected Events - by: Lloyd D. Cohen, Debra Hart Cohen

  • What should you do if you become temporarily disabled, incapacitated, or some other unexpected event occurs? How will your law firm continue to run? This book gives you the tools you need in the event one of these events occur. Jump start the process by working through the immediate steps aimed at establishing your protection plan.

Building a Better Law Practice: Become a Better Lawyer in Five Minutes a Day - by: Jeremy W. Richter

  • This book offers practical advice for lawyers looking to build good practices.

How to Do More in Less Time: The Complete Guide to Increasing Your Productivity and Improving Your Bottom Line - by: Allison C. Shields and Daniel J. Siegel

  • Are you a new or seasoned lawyer who is trying to figure out how to juggle all the work and take charge of your day? This book shows you how to develop good productivity habits by setting goals and priotizing your workload. Learn how to eliminate distractions, clean up clutter, delegate, organize and schedule tasks weekly, create systems, streamline e-mail, and do 90 minutes worth of work in 60 minutes or less!

How to Start and Build a Law Practice - by: Jay G. Foonberg

  • Have a question about starting and growing your own law practice? This book will help you with all the specific challenges you undoubtedly will encounter when you open your office. Get answers to e-mail and the internet, law firm mergers and dissolutions, student loans, nonlawyer consultants, the globalization of legal practice, and much more!

Lawyers As Managers: How to Be a Champion for Your Firm and Employees - by: Andrew Elowitt and Marcia Watson Wasserman

  • This guide is great for lawyers in a management position or looking to assume managerial responsibilities. It includes checklists, charts, and resources to help manage staff and lawyers.

Lawyer's Guide to Governing Your Firm, The - by: Arthur G. Greene

  • Does your law firm have a positive culture or is it filled with bad governance? This guide provides strategies to change the culture of the law firm, boost morale, and effectively and efficiently manage and govern the firm. It reviews topics like partnership issues, leadership, basics on how to run a law firm, as well as how to budget, manage financials, bring in revenue and be profitable.

Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching, The - by: Andrew Elowitt

  • The right coach can help you transform your practice and will teach you how to become more efficient and profitable in your law practice. Want to learn more about why coaching is more popular? This book will show you why it's so popular and necessary and show you how to hire a qualified coach. Learn what to expect from coaching conversations and engagements as well as the differences between consultants, trainers, and therapists. Learn how to improve your bottom line and get the best return on your coaching investment with this guide.

Lawyer's Guide to Strategic Planning, The: Defining Setting and Achieving Your Firms Goals - by: Thomas C. Grella and Michael L. Hudkins

  • Have you ever created a strategic plan for your law firm or wonder why law firms do? This book will help you develop an understanding of how stragetic thinking can impact your firm. Use this book to study the pros and cons of planning, how it can be used in law firms, etc.

Lean Law Firm, The: Run Your Firm Like the World's Most Efficient and Profitable Businesses - by: Larry Port and Dave Maxfield

  • Using a creative graphic approach, this book teaches business lessons and illustrates a template you can use to make your law practice lean and efficient. 

Legal Malpractice Insurance in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Joann L. Hathaway

  • This book, written by a law practice management advisor, licensed insurance agent, and registered professional liability underwriter, will help you to choose the right deductibles, select the correct coverage limit, wisely choose your insurance carrier, learn about the claims process, and protect your practice.

Legal Malpractice: The Law Office Guide to Purchasing Legal Malpractice Insurance - by: Ronald E. Mallen

  • What should lawyers know about legal malpractice and legal malpractice insurance? This guide demystifies the process of purchasing legal malpractice insurance and seeks to share some important thoughts on how lawyers should really evaluate their policies to make sure they are fully covered.

Legal Project Management in One Hour for Lawyers - by: Pamela H. Woldow and Douglas Richardson

  • Did you know that legal clients are demanding better predictability, cost-effectiveness and communication from their legal providers? Do you have the practical skills for improving efficiency, keeping budgets under control, building strong working relationships with clients, and are maximizing profitability? This book will help you understand the features and benefits of legal project management. Use this book to learn how to negotiate project scope, budget, etc. with clients, plus more!

Of Counsel: A Guide for Law Firms and Practitioners - by: Jean L. Batman, Harold G. Wren, Beverly Glascock​

Paralegals, Profitability, and the Future of Your Law Practice - by: Arthur G. Greene and Therese A. Cannon

  • Trying to decide whether to hire a paralegal or not? This guide will show you how to integrate paralegals into your practice and how to integrate their roles so that your firm is successful in the next decade. Learn why law firms need paralegals and how to attract top-notch professionals to your practice. This book covers how a paralegal program should be structured, the ethical issues involved in working with paralegals, how to handle conflicts of interest, job descriptions, and more.

Remaking Law Firms -- Why & How - by: George Beaton and Imme Kaschner

  • This book guides law firms in how to develop remade business models for the purpose of better servicing clients and helping firms look forward to the future.

Risk Management: Survival Tools for Law Firms - by: Anthony E. Davis and Katie M. Lachter

  • Evaluate the state of risk management with your firm and how to implement a program to control it with this handy little resource guide. Learn how a good plan will improve your practice's profitability, when and why to refuse a client's business, how the rise of technology has affected the risk for law firms, plus more.

Run Your Firm Like a Business: An Operations Guide for the Solo Practitioner... by: Frank T. Lockwood

  • Are you faced with the challenges of practicing law while managing the administrative and business demands of your practice? This book shares powerful systems that will help to resolve the tasks of the business and minimize the administrative part of your job. This book provides detailed advice on: effective information management systems, choosing good clients and employees, marketing, timekeeping, billing, and collection systems. Plus, lots more!

Succeeding as Outside Counsel - by: Rob Boddie

  • Are you interested in learning on how you can improve the level of service outside counsel provides and how to deepen the relationship with your clients? This book will help you to understand the client's needs, add value as outside counsel, manage client expectations, how to use technology to increase efficiences, plus more!

Survival Guide to Implementing Effective Law Firm Management Strategies, The by: Arthur G. Greene and Sandra J. Boyer

  • This book will teach you the five parts on culture, management, finances, planning, and partnerships. This book provides you with the groundwork to create a positive law firm environment.