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Diversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law - by: Theresa D. Cropper and Anna L. Brown

  • This book serves as a guide to build effective diversity programs in law firms and corporate law departments. It contains important advice, interesting interviews, accessible summaries, and valuable toolkits.

Embrace GENgagement: How to Transform Generational Challenges into Opportunities for You and Your Firm - by: Phyllis Weiss Haserot

  • Are you looking to take the stress, frustration and negative energy out of working with people of different generations? Are you looking to help build confidence, as a leader, in all generations that you interact with daily? Are you looking for action steps and how to build bridges to lead with change and build empathy? No matter what stage you are at in your career, this book provides tips for maintaining relevance at each stage of your career and help you be an agent for positive change amongst each generation.

Ferguson's Fault Lines: The Race Quake that Rocked a Nation - Kimberly Jade Norwood, Editor

  • This book offers the structural nature of American criminal (in)justice in painstaking detail. It includes some of the best scholars and activists who explore this astounding subject. This book is full of hard questions everyone must and should ask ourselves and others.

Grit: The Secret to Advancement: Stories of Successful Women Lawyers - by: Milana L. Hogan, Ed. D.

  • This book shares the stories of many successful women lawyers who have grit and growth mindsets. It offers many inspirational accounts to young and experienced women lawyers who wish to succeed in their careers.

Her Story: Lessons in Success from Lawyers Who Live It - Teresa Marie Beck, Jacqueline Mecchella Bushwack, Shayna Michelle Steinfeld, Editors

  • This book contains a collection of essays by and about lawyers overcoming obstacles, reaching goals, and leading lives that are full to the brim with challenges, successes, and opportunities.

Inclusive Leader, The: Taking Intentional Action for Justice and Equity - by: Dr. Artika R. Tyner, Forward by: Miguel Ramos

  • This book offers a practical guide for taking intentional action for justice and equity. 

Moving Diversity Forward: How to Go From Well-Being to Well-Doing - Verna A. Myers

  • This book offers a practical diversity guide with head-on challenges to tackling the problem of diversifying our law firms. This book provides clear and concrete steps to move from well-meaning to well-doing.

Out and About: The LGBT Experience in the Legal Profession - by: The LGBT Bar and the American Bar Association's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

  • This book addresses the experiences of LGBT attorneys, academics, and jurists in the legal profession. This book seeks to educate and promote justice in and throughout the legal profession for the LGBT community.

What If I Say the Wrong Thing? 25 Habits for Culturally Effective People - by: Verna A. Myers

  • This book is packed with twenty-five pearls of wisdom in personal stories everyone can relate to. It acknowledges how difficult it is to break bad and old habits while offering alternative behavors to practice in order to form new ones.

You Raised Us, Now Work With Us - Millenials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams - by Lauren Stil Rikleen

  • This important book separates the Millenials' behavioral myths from reality. In it, lawyers will discover insights, detailed research, and practical advice necessary to help the generations understand each other better and recognize the impact of their own behaviors in the workplace. This resource analyzes and builds upon extensive research about millenials, helps boomers and gen xers respond to the opportunties that millenials bring to the workplace, helps millenials navigate their way through the complexities of today's work environment, and identifies opportunities available for all generations to make much needed changes in the workplace that will benefit everyone.

Zero Tolerance: Best Practices for Combating Sex-Based Harrassment in the Legal Profession -by Wendi S. Lazar, Executive Editor; Terese M. Connolly and Gregory S. Chiarello, Editors

  • This book addresses best practices for combatting sex-based harrassment in the legal profession.