50 Things to Do with the Rest of Your Life by Robert P. Wilkins

  • Are you doing the things that you truly want to do from day to day, month to month, and year to year? This book shares 50 goals that the reader can modify to start enjoying the rest of their life!

Accelerating Lawyer Success: How to Make Partner, Stay Healthy, and Flourish in a Law Firm by Lori Berman, Heather Bock, Juliet Aiken

  • Do you have a goal to make partner? This book examines some of the factors, competencies, and attitudes that allow some lawyers to flourish and make partner while other lawyers struggle. This book shows lawyers how to develop the same mindset and skills that the authors identify. This book is particularly valuable for law students, new lawyers, and an associate on the cusp of partnership.

Anxious Lawyer, The: An 8-Week Guide to a Joyful and Satisfying Law Practice - by Jeena Cho

  • This is an 8 week guide on meditation and mindfulness written by lawyers for lawyers. 

Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century - by Mitchell Kowalski

  • How should lawyers respond in a changing market place? This book shares how law firms must respond to extrodinary change in the legal marketplace.

Best Lawyer You Can Be, The; A Guide to Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness by Stewart Levine

  • This book offers guidance on how to develop emotional intelligence, resilence, and mindful practice. 

Careers in Animal Law: Welfare Protection and Advocacy - by Yolanda Eisenstein

  • Animal law is concerned with protecting and improving the lives of animals through city ordinances, state and federal laws, international treaties, and cases that impact animals. This book will help you gain an overview of the field from a practicing animal lawyer and professor of animal law, forge a successful animal law career, strike out on your own as a solo practitioner of animal law, learn career tips from a series of animal-lawyer profiles, and understand evolving trends in legislation, litigation and academia that will change the face of animal law in the decades to come.

Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm  by Jennifer J. Rose, Editor

  • This book is for law students, associates, new solos, small firms, and even seasoned attorneys. It contains helpful tips on how to handle various staffing situations including but not limited to hiring, firing, promoting, etc.

Entertainment Careers for Lawyers by William D. Henslee

  • This area of law is a popular one among students and a desired career path for new practitioners. This book will help new lawyers and practictioners gain an overview of this area of law as well as understand the pros and cons of specializing in entertainment law. This book will also teach about the career trajectories available in four major entertainment genres along with many other areas to help work in entertainment law.

Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyers - by K. William Gibson

  • Thinking about opening up your own law firm? This book will help you make the decision to open your own law firm, choose the right practice area(s), create a business plan and determine your fees, leave your current firm - without burning bridges, set up an office space, work with traditional and alternative billing arrangements, use technology to manage your finances, develop and execute a marketing plan, gain clients through social media, plan strategically for the future, plus much more!

Future of the Professions, The: How Technology Will Transform The Work of Human Experts - by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind

  • This book sets out two futures for the professions. Both rest on technology. One is familiar and the other is transformational. This book is the first to assess and question the relevance of the professions in the 21st century.

Get the Most Out of Retirement -- Checklist for Happiness, Health, Purpose, and Financial Security - by Sally Balch Hurme

  • This book will help guide you through the steps of retirement. 

Glass Half Full: The Decline and Rebirth of the Legal Profession - by Benjamin H. Barton

  • What are the challenges facing the legal profession? This book details the entire market for legal services and argues that the problems in the market began thirty years ago and not in 2008. This book also examines the positive impact for consumers as well as the negative news for lawyers and law schools.

How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times - by Sharon D. Nelson, James A. Colloway, Ross L. Kodner

  • Are you worried about the economy? Are you a lawyer out of work, or laid off, or struggling? This book provides an abundance of tips, resources, and tools to help you survive bad times. This book teaches management, finance, marketing, and technology essentials needed to help you succeed.

How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam: A Step by Step Action Plan - by Joan RM Bullock

  • So you've taken the bar exam, now what? This guide helps give practical advice to help recent law graduates make the transition from student to lawyer.

How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students - by Shauna C. Bryce

  • Would you love to learn some insider secrets from the people who will review your resume, interview you and eventually hire you? This resource shares resume, cover letter, and other career document tips as well as how to search and apply for jobs. It also provides great tips for new professionals who are trying to decide whether to accept a job offer or not.

Job Quest for Lawyers: The Essential Guide to Finding and Landing the Job - by Sheila Nielsen

  • This book provides a step-by-step guideline that finally makes networking inspiring rather than a chore. It contains personal experiences from the author, along with client experiences, and real world do's and dont's of how to conduct a productive job search.

Lawyers as Leaders - by Deborah L. Rhode

  • How should lawyers be effective leaders? This book seeks to explore insightful dimensions of leadership. This book is extremely useful not only for lawyers but anyone in the organizational setting.

Lawyer's Guide to Balancing Life and Work, The : Taking the Stress Out of Success - by George W. Kaufman

  • Are you dominated by work from the moment you arise to the moment you turn off the lights at night? You are not alone. This edition is written specifically to help lawyers achieve professional and personal satisfaction in their career. This book will help you bring the balance and the passion you need in your life.

Lawyer's Guide to Succession Planning, The : A Project Management Approach for Successful Law Firms - by John W. Olmstead

  • Have you or your firm adequately prepared for transition of firm leadership and client relationships should something happen to you or your partners? This book contains downloadable forms to help guide you through some of the issues of succession planning. Discover partner transition plans, merger agreements, and retirement readiness assessments, plus lots more!

Lawyer's Retirement Planning Guide, The - by Susan A. Berson

  • Retirement is about choices. Have you developed a careful plan from financial management to personal fulfillment to achieve your dream? This book provides guidance on investing your money to produce sufficient funds for the lifestyle you want to lead, and then on managing your retirement withdrawals so that your money will last you a lifetime. This book will explore how you can combat inflation, plan for expenses, and protect against overall portfolio risks.

Legal Career Guide: From Law Student to Lawyer, The - by Gary Munneke and Ellen Wayne

  • This book will help law students find satisfaction in a legal career. This book covers how to get from start to finish in the career choice process, how to honestly and effectively assess your personal and professional skills, how to successfully study and evaluate the market and utilize a step-by-step guide for your job search, and information about employment trends and studies, etc.

Lessons in Leadership: Essential Skills for Lawyers by Thomas C. Grella

  • The difference between a successful and unsuccessful law firm is the quality of its leadership. This book will help lawyers understand their unique leadership style, avoid common pitfalls, find a mentor, develop trust confidence and influence, as well as learn about emerging trends in leadership. This book will also help lawyers learn to appropriately lead clients, learn to lead in times of crises, and create a legacy of leadership at their firm with succession planning, plus more.

Making Partner: A Guide for Law Firm Associates by John A. Sapp

  • Do you know what you should and should not be doing to make partner? This book looks at all the variables and provides detailed advice on how to create your own strategic plan for success.

Partner Departures and Lateral Moves: A Legal and Ethical Guide by Geri S. Krauss

  • What steps should law firms take when a partner decides to depart from the firm to minimize risks and liabilities? This book explores what obligations partners have to their current partners, how partners should communicate to clients upon a departure, and what information a partner can disclose to a new firm. Plus, discover what claims can be brought and what happens if either party fails to follow these rules.

Passing the Torch without Getting Burned - by Peter A. Giuliani

  • This book serves as a guide to law firm retirement and succession planning.

Positive Professionals: Creating High-Performing Profitable Firms Through the Science of Engagement - by Anne Brafford

  • This practical guide shows firms how to attract, retain, and motivate top talent providing a business case that will show firms how to boost professionals and how to grow in profitability, productivity, performance, retention of talent, and client satisfaction.

Solo Lawyer by Design: A Plan for Success in any Practice - by Gary P. Bauer

  • This book is for any law student, new lawyer, or seasoned attorney to help them figure out where they best fit in a law practice environment. 

Turning Points: New Paths and Second Careers for Lawyers - by George H. Cain

  • Turning Points will help retired practitioners or experienced attorneys disover a rewarding new legal career that builds on legal skills and expertise. In this book, the reader will learn how to identify personal values and motivations, how to assess current and future financial situations, and how to deal with the personal and professional changes that accompany a new career.

You Raised Us, Now Work With Us - Millenials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams - by Lauren Stil Rikleen

  • This important book separates the Millenials' behavioral myths from reality. In it, lawyers will discover insights, detailed research, and practical advice necessary to help the generations understand each other better and recognize the impact of their own behaviors in the workplace. This resource analyzes and builds upon extensive research about millenials, helps boomers and gen xers respond to the opportunties that millenials bring to the workplace, helps millenials navigate their way through the complexities of today's work environment, and identifies opportunities available for all generations to make much needed changes in the workplace that will benefit everyone.