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A Lawyer's Guide to Networking by Susan R. Sneider

  • This workbook is a tool for any lawyer at any stage of their career. This book covers the basics from an 'elevator pitch' to the role networking plays. This book is filled with practical advice, folk wisdom, academic theory, and tips from leading members of the American Bar Association.

Associate as Rainmaker, The: Building your Business Brain - by David King Keller

  • This guide provides specific actions for how a rainmaker gets results. This book covers four sections: Being a Rainmaker, Brain Basics, Rainmaker Techniques, and Tips from the Front Line.

Attorney and Law Firm Guide to the Business of Law - Planning and Operating for Survival and Growth by Edward Poll

  • This book offers the fundamentals on how to run a successful law firm. Topics include: creating a business plan, marketing social media, branding your website, etc., client relations, financial management pricing legal services, employee issues, technology, operations, and more!

Building a Legal Practice One Article at a Time : Rainmaking through Publishing - by: David Zetoony

  • This book is designed to help lawyers (no matter where they are in their career) to develop their practice through publications. It explains the differences between relationship-driven marketing and expertise-driven marketing. It teaches the types of articles that clients (and future clients) want to read.

Building Rainmakers: The Definitive Guide to Business Development for Lawyers by David King Keller, PHD

  • This book offers best strategies for law firm growth.

Connecting with your Client - Success Through Improved Client Communication - by Noelle C. Nelson

  • This book gives you the persuasive tools for achieving greater client satisfaction through improved communication. This book will cover creating rapport that builds your client's trust and confidence, maintaining control over difficult situations and clients, communicating billing and other case management issues in ways that support good client-lawyer relations, training your associates, legal assistants, and support staff to adopt the appropriate attitude towards clients, professional solutions drawn from real-life, real-case experiences, and step by step exercises that can help defuse uncomfortable situations! Plus, much more!

Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers - by Gina F. Rubel, Esq. | 2nd ed.

  • This book is a framework for law firms and legal marketers to establish or incorporate media and public relations into their strategic communication plans.

Every Relationship Matters by Peter E. Rouse

  • Master the power of relationships with this book. Learn the value of relationships between yourself, clients, and colleagues. This book provides a framework to help you build and maintain relationships.

Every Relationship Matters - Using the Power of Relationships to Transform Your Business, Your Firm, and Yourself - 2nd edition - by Peter E. Rouse

  • This second edition updates the original volume with new thoughts and insights, regarding the changes in technology, and the practice of law in the last 10 years.

Getting Clients - For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over - by Merrilyn A. Tarlton

  • Discover the marketing know-how to help build your practice. This book comes with templates and other great tips for lawyers to implement in their practices now.

How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers - A Breakthrough Referral Marketing Process by Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis

  • Want to learn how to become a successful rainmaker? This practical guide will teach you how to use public relations to network your practice, set up engaging websites and blogs, how to participate in social networking, how to speak powerfully about yourself, and how to ask for referral sources in a professional and ethical manner.

How to Capture and Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - by Jennifer J. Rose | 1st and 2nd editions

  • In this book, the best and most innovative solo and small firm lawyers give their secrets, approaches, and strategies to growing your law firm. In this book, the reader will learn how to: ask for business, attract and keep clients, network, partner with other lawyers, market a boutique practice, market in a small town, use technology in client development, create a service-centered firm, make marketing part of your daily practice, and avoid ethical marketing mistakes.

Intentional Marketing  by Brenda Stewart

  • Written by a law practice management consultant for over 30 years, this book seeks to help lawyers develop intentional marketing strategies.

Internet Branding for Lawyers: Building the Client-Centered Website by Jeff Lantz

  • In this book, see how to create a unique brand that addresses client needs and sets your law practice apart from competition. This book offers a different approach from traditional website models and helps lawyers to avoid the common pitfalls.

Law Firm Associates Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills, The by Catherine MacDonagh, Beth Marie Cuzzone

  • This guide seeks to teach new lawyers skills that they have not learned in law school. This book focuses on personal marketing and sales. This guide shows how to create a personal marketing plan, finding people within your target market, preparing for client meetings, realizing marketing opportunities, etc.

Lawyer's Field Guide to Effective Business Development, The by William J. Flannery

  • This book proves that any lawyer can be effective as a client relationship manager. This book is designed for seasoned lawyers who want to refine and polish their business development skills. It is also for younger lawyers who have their sights on successful careers as trusted advisors.

Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, The by Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray, Richard P. Klau

  • This guide is a crucial component to streamlining your marketing efforts. In this book, the reader will discover how to increase firm visibility, how to develop effective content, the importance of a well-attracted website, tips and tricks of doing e-mail marketing the right way, and why you need a blog.

LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices - by: Marc W. Halpert - 2nd edition

  • This book offers long-term, practical, marketing techniques that work. Learn ever-changing legal ethics guidelines, what attacts a recruiter to a professional practitioner's LinkedIn profile, and how to use LinkedIn as an integral part of your firm.

Secrets to Marketing and Automating Your Law Practice, The: A Lawyer's Guide to Creating Systems, Getting Clients, and Becoming a Legal Rainmaker - by: David M. Bitton

  • Gaining insights from eighteen legal technology professionals in how to launch a successful law firm.

Selling in Your Comfort Zone: Safe and Effective Strategies for Developing New Business by Robert N. Kohn and Lawrence N. Kohn

  • This book provides safe and effective strategies for developing new business. This guide provides you with strategies for selling in your comfort zone by helping you: develop confidence in your ability to offer value, identify targets in your comfort zone, communicate value to your targets, reveal your interest in doing business, find comfortable systems to stay in touch, etc.

Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer by Kenneth Vercammen

  • Marketing is essential to the growth of any enterprise. This book explores today's marketing landscape and outlines its areas in easy to understand terms. This book covers creating a blog for free, how to leverage a wide array of social networking sites (like Facebook, etc.), best practices for marketing, low-cost and no-cost marketing activities, tips to increase your efficiency, and much more!

Strategic Networking for Introverts, Extroverts, and Everyone in Between- by Carol Schiro Greenwald

  • This book teaches you how to create a networking strategy that fits your goals and preferences. It also shows you how to choose venues that will guide you to where the people you want to know are and how to make the most out of networking conversations.

Successful Lawyer, The - by Gerald A. Riskin

  • This book covers all the topics relevant to practice management and client development.

Through the Client's Eyes - New Approaches to Get Clients and Hire You Again... by Henry W. Ewait, Andrew W. Ewait 

  • This book is for every attorney who has struggled with the love-hate traits in the practice of law. This guidebook will show you how to better cultivate client relationships and increase the bottom line.

Women Rainmakers' Best Marketing Tips by Theda C. Snyder - 3rd and 4th Editions

  • This book contains over 150 tips to positively impact your marketing strategy. In this book, you will learn creative marketing strategies that will build your client base and discover new action plans that fit your personal style and strengthen your rainmaking skills.