This page is for creating an web account for online transactions. If you are a licensed attorney in South Carolina you already have an account.DO NOT use this to create another account. If you do then your purchase and attendance history may not be recorded or reported properly.

If you are NOT a licensed attorney in South Carolina, and think you have made an online purchase previously, please call this number (803) 799-6653.

Select one of the member types that best fits you. Once you select the member type and create your account only bar staff can change it.

Candidate - If you are a law student, don't already have a web account with SC Bar and need to register for Bridge the Gap or Rule 403 videos, select Candidate as the member type. This account will eventually become your account after you are sworn in and become a Bar member.

Purchaser - if you are a non-lawyer or non-member of the South Carolina Bar and need to register for a CLE seminar or purchase a CLE publication select purchaser as the member type.

Paralegal - if you are paralegal and are registering for special CLE pricing you may use Paralegal as the member type. This member type in no way constitutes bar membership or serves as any type of endorsement by the bar.

If you do not have a bar number leave the field blank and click continue. If you do have a bar number enter it and click on send username and password. Your login credentials will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file.

County is a required field. If the address you are going to provide is out of state select Out Of State in the County drop-down. County is used for tax calculations where applicable.

All data fields with an asterisk are required fields.

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