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We’re celebrating members’ wellness journeys this month as we look forward to the holiday season. We asked members to send in their wellness photos and a couple sentences on their wellness journey, and these stories are sure to inspire you.

Rebecca West, Bar member since 2000, Lexington

"I really appreciate the Bar’s focus on wellness. While I was going through a divorce I decided it was time to get back to the basics and get back in shape. I was an athlete in high school and college but got horribly out of shape in law school. I started running in 2011 and cycling in 2015. Working out brings balance to my life and helps me ward off anxiety and depression. My husband is an ironman and we enjoy running and riding together. I just go for a much shorter distance than he does!"

Edward Schafer, Bar member since 2004, Columbia

"Yoga is a wellness activity that I knew nothing about until I was 40. Once I overcame the stereotypes I had about the types of people that do yoga, I gave it a shot. It has really helped me with stress management. It has benefitted me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Because it has had such an impact on me, I knew one day I wanted to become a yoga teacher to share the practice with others. I’m 45 now and recently completed a yoga teacher training."

Glenn Justis, Bar member since 2007, Columbia

"After working as a prosecutor for 11 years, I took a much needed vacation and spent five months hiking the entire 2,190.9 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. I find that getting out in nature and going for hikes is a great way to stay fit and re-charge. Even a short weekend or week-long hike can do wonders."

Lawrence Laddaga, Bar member since 1981, North Charleston

"Kudos to the bar for emphasizing wellness. I started in this journey over 20 years ago by instituting a four day work week.

I started yoga 11 years ago and Argentine tango 10 years ago. The yoga has helped with both my mindfulness and my mediation practice. I also started a gratitude practice eight years ago. The dance is both good exercise, stress relief and a nice community of people

I just got back from my third eight-day tango trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. "

Shelly Kelly, Bar member since 1990, Columbia

            "My husband and I hiked in Yosemite Park this past summer."

Jack Pringle, Bar member since 1996, Columbia

"I am sure that most defaults of the modern world aren’t always going to steer you toward the good stuff. So give one or more of these a try (or find some of your choosing), and become a Champion of the Sun by reading my blogpost on wellness tips."