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The leadership of the South Carolina Bar is deeply troubled about the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota. This event serves as a painful reminder that for too long, African Americans and other minorities have not received fair enforcement and equal administration of justice.  

A key element of the South Carolina Bar’s mission is to continually improve the administration of justice throughout the Palmetto State for all our citizens. We recognize there is much work to be done. To that end—the oath we all took as lawyers to uphold the Constitution and to ensure justice is available to all citizens—will guide us.

As lawyers, we are problem-solvers, critical thinkers and community servants. Our voices will be needed in the days and weeks ahead as our state and nation form solutions. We support all of our members and stand with you against injustice, racism and discrimination. 

We are committed to the principle of equal justice for all and will join our communities in reflection, conversation and action to make a positive difference in South Carolina and the United States. 

Roy F. Laney, President