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Please note, in an effort to make the case more user friendly for a variety of needs, this year's case can be downloaded as one entire document, or in five individual sections. It is also formatted for a variety of current e-reader devices. Please click on the link appropriate to your preferred e-reader. The traditional format as with years past is the PDF.

Note: For the purposes of ebook publishing, page numbers and line numbers have been removed.

Mock Trial Case - 2019
2019 High School Mock Trial Case (Released 10/31/2018)




Google Books

2018 - 2019 Competition Handbook (For Middle and High School) 
Please note the Handbook and Handbook sections are only available in PDF format.

Competition Handbook - All Sections Combine (Sections 1, 2, 3, & 4)

Rules of Competition (Section 1 of 4)

Modified Rules of Evidence (Section 2 of 4)

Forms and Support Information (Section 3 of 4)

Additional Information for Teachers, Attorneys, Students, and Parent (Section 4 of 4)

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