The Law of Automobile Insurance in SC - Table of Contents

The Law of Automobile Insurance in South Carolina, Seventh Edition

William F. Barnes III, A. Johnston Cox, Gwendolyn Fuller McGriff, Elizabeth Scott Moise,
Vernon R. Sumwalt, Jr, H. Cooper Wilson III

Completely updated and revised since the Sixth Edition, this book is the standard reference on all matters related to automobile insurance in South Carolina. This book not only compiles and analyzes all case law changes, but it also includes a statutory liens chapter and coverage of South Carolina's auto insurance statutory scheme. Balanced and comprehensive, The Law of Automobile Insurance in South Carolina, Seventh Edition, is the product of a unique collaboration of plaintiffs' and defense attorneys, as well as a government regulators. At no additional cost, each book purchase comes with 42 valuable sample forms as a downloadable PDF accessible through your member profile. This will save you time and allow you to get more out of your practice.

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Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: Regulation of the Automobile Insurance Business
Automobile Insurance Regulation in South Carolina
South Carolina Financial Responsibility Requirements

Chapter 2: Liability Insurance
Persons Defined as Insureds
Ownership, Maintenance or Use Requirement
Accident Requirement

Chapter 3: Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Background of the Uninsured Motorist Act
Persons Covered by Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Covered Accidents
Definition of an “Uninsured Motor Vehicle”
Coverage for Hit-and-Run Accidents
Policy Exclusions
Regulation of Multiple Coverages
Burden of Proof

Chapter 4: Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Method of Offering Coverage
Amount of Coverage Which Must Be Offered
Length of Coverage
Who Must Be Offered Coverage: State Government
Loss of Consortium Claims
Exclusions and Regulation of Multiple Coverages
Subrogation and Assignment
Underinsurance Actions

Chapter 5: Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Chapter 6: Physical and Property Damage Coverages
Third-Party Liability Property Damage Coverage
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage
First Party Physical Damage Coverages
Availability of Physical Damage Coverage
Insurer's Limit of Liability and Measure of Damages
Property Damage Claims

Chapter 7: Bad Faith and Criminal Penalties
Bad Faith by Insurer
Criminal Penalties for Insurance Fraud

Chapter 8: Stacking
Liability Coverages

Chapter 9: Actions
Declaratory Judgment Actions
Service of Process on Insurance Companies
Choice of Laws
Statute of Limitations
Collecting Judgments Against Insurers

Chapter 10: Statutory Liens
Liens Under State Law
Liens Under Federal Law
Ethical Ramifications of Statutory Liens

Exhibit I: Emergency Regulation 69-77

Forms Listing:
Affidavit of Costs
Affidavit of Default
Affidavit of Late Filing
Affidavit of Non-Military Service
Affidavit of Service by Mail
Affidavit Seeking Order to Allow Service by Publication
Client Letter
Complaint - Bad Faith First Party Benefits
Complaint - Bad Faith Refusal To Pay Claim
Complaint - Bad Faith - Tyger River
Complaint - Failure to offer UIM
Complaint - John Doe
Complaint - Magistrate's Court
Complaint - Wreck Case - Negligence
Complaint - Wreck Case - Family Purpose Doctrine
Confession of Judgment
Covenant Not to Execute (#1)
Covenant Not to Execute (#2)
Instructions for Magistrate's Court
Motion for Default Hearing Requested
Motion for Default Liquidated Sum
Notice of Filing
Order Allowing Service by Publication
Order of Default/Damages Hearing
Order of Judgment
Personal Injury Intake Sheet
Petition in Supplementary Proceedings
Plaintiff's First Request for Production (RFP) - Bad Faith (#1)
Plaintiff's First Request for Production (RFP) - Bad Faith (#2)
Plaintiff's First Request for Production (RFP) - Failure to offer UIM
Plaintiff's First Set of Interrogatories
Policy Release
Promissory Note
Rule to Show Cause/Order of Reference (post-judgment)
Satisfaction of Judgment
Subpoena - Federal Court
Subpoena - State Court
Subpoena for Deposition - Federal Court
Subpoena for Production - Federal Court
Subpoena for Trial - Federal Court
Summons for Magistrate's Court
Auto Insurance in SC