SC Litigation Handbook - Table of Contents

Charles Epps Ipock

The South Carolina Litigation Handbook has been designed for the busy civil practitioner who needs to quickly reference:
1)    Over 40 civil causes of action and their available remedies
2)    Types of damages and how they are recoverable
3)    Over 20 types of defenses
4)    Allotment of available time under the SC Rules of Civil Procedure
5)    Appropriate and substantive discovery objections

Don't get lost in online resources simply trying to find the available remedies for the causes of action you are pleading, appropriate objection language to those overbroad discovery requests, or the amount of time you have to file that notice of appeal.  The South Carolina Litigation Handbook is a one-stop-shop with all of this information presented in an intuitive, easy-to-use format.
Additionally, The South Carolina Litigation Handbook's section entitled “Filing Deadlines” is a first of its kind resource that breaks down the time periods under the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.  Need to know how much notice is required for that oral deposition?  The Handbook portions out the Rules into:

6)    Pre-trial time provisions
7)    Trial time provisions
8)    Summary judgment time provisions
9)    Appeal time provisions

So, simply look to the pre-trial provisions, and see that Rule 30(b) says that 10 days' notice must be given for compliance with the Rules.  
As civil litigators, time is precious.  Make the most of your time by keeping this book at your desk, in your trial materials, and in client meetings to easily reference the essential litigation subjects quickly and accurately all with citation to the appropriate authority. Included at the end of every chapter is a list of related SC Bar CLE resources if more in-depth research is needed.

Summary of Contents:
Chapter 1: You've Got A New Client, Not What?
Chapter 2: Causes of Actions and Remedies
Chapter 3: Damages, Fees, Costs and Interest
Chapter 4: Defenses
Chapter 5: Filing Deadlines
Chapter 6: Discovery Objections