Insurance Law for Common Interest Communities: Condominiums, Cooperatives and Homeowners Associations

Francine L. Semaya and Douglas S. MacGregor
Copyright 2018
Published by Sunshine Gardens Legal Publishers, LLC

With 1132 pages, this indispensable resource offers the only comprehensive coverage available of insurance-related topics involving common interest communities. It discusses and analyzes statutes and court decisions on those topics.  Policy provisions with which an attorney may already be familiar may be treated differently when the policyholder is a community association. It is the go-to reference tool for attorneys who represent common interest communities, sit on common interest community boards, or who practice insurance law.


  • Analysis of all uniform acts and state codes governing CIC coverage
  • Highlighted notes designed to emphasize especially important considerations for the attorney, manager or CIC member
  • Detailed analysis of the types of insurance coverage available to common interest community associations, along with useful policy content checklists
  • A comprehensive insurance primer for those new to insurance coverage laws

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Part I Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 - Insurance Primer for Common Interest Community Professionals
  • Chapter 3 - A Primer on Common Interest Communities for Insurance Professionals
  • Chapter 4 - Sources of Insurance Requirements: Introduction
  • Chapter 5 - Sources of Insurance Requirements: State Statutes
  • Chapter 6 - Sources of Insurance Requirements: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal Agencies
  • Chapter 7 - Sources of Insurance Requirements: CIC Documents and Contracts
  • Chapter 8 - Sources of Insurance Requirements: Uniform Acts and Restatement
  • Chapter 9 - Introduction to Part Three: The Policies
  • Chapter 10 - Commercial Property Insurance
  • Chapter 11 – Boiler and Machinery or Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • Chapter 12 - Flood Insurance: Coverages, Claims and Applications
  • Chapter 13 – Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Chapter 14 – Director and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Chapter 15 - Crime/Fidelity Insurance