Guide to South Carolina Liability and Property Insurance Law
Janice Holmes
Copyright 2019

The Guide is a comprehensive treatise analyzing South Carolina liability and property insurance coverage issues. It provides a balanced approach that will be helpful to lawyers for the insureds, insurers, or claimants.  The Guide provides in-depth coverage of South Carolina law related to issues regarding inception of insurance policies, analysis of issues arising in connection with property insurance policies, including issues related to insurable interest and all-risk and named perils policies and common exclusions; commercial general liability policies and common exclusions and conditions; professional liability policies and common issues; and excess insurance policies.  The Guide also provides practical and in-depth analysis of South Carolina law related to common coverage issues, including duty to defend and bad faith issues.  Finally, the Guide includes a chapter regarding practice and procedure related to insurance coverage actions in both South Carolina state and federal courts. 

Summary of Contents:
Chapter 1: General Policy Issues (Inception, Agents, Misrepresentations, Termination, etc.)

Chapter 2: Interpreting Insurance Policies

Chapter 3: Property Insurance

Chapter 4: General Liability Insurance – Basic Principles and Coverages

Chapter 5: General Liability Insurance – Exclusions

Chapter 6: General Liability Insurance – Conditions

Chapter 7: Professional Liability Insurance

Chapter 8: Excess Insurance

Chapter 9: Insurance Issues and Other Considerations

Chapter 10: Duty to Defend

Chapter 11: Bad Faith and Extracontractual Liability

Chapter 12: Practice and Procedure