Albert C. Todd III (1950-2005)
Edited by: W. Steven Johnson, William M. Reynolds III and Arthur E. White III

This guide is not a textbook on estate planning for practitioners, but is rather a conversational guide for the estate planning client or layperson. It is, in written form, the questions with answers that Al Todd most frequently received from his clients in the course of his more than 27 years of estate planning practice. It provides a practical, down-to-earth overview of complex questions, but should not be used as a substitute for qualified legal advice. Instead, the attorney should use the book as a reference for his or her clients and the layperson should use the book as a guide to be better prepared when seeking help from his or her estate planning lawyer.

Simply put, this book contains the answers to the questions that most people are asking - thus the answers are phrased in terms of “WDRPD - What Do Real People Do.” The questions and answers are written conversationally and simply. The book is not packed with a lot of legalese, and includes concrete examples and diagrams where they are helpful. It is not written to be read like a novel or a textbook. It is written with the premise that most people will look up specific topics or specific questions.

The Book of Estate Planning Questions & Answers, Third Edition is just what its name implies - a straightforward, conversational resource for the most common estate planning questions that virtually everyone asks. It is unintimidating yet insightful. But most of all it is practical, and it is the perfect starting point for planning one's estate, whether large or small.

Summary of Contents
Your Estate
Documents You May Need
Powers of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will
How Property Passes at Death
Probate of Estates
Avoiding Probate
Second (And More) Marriages
The Personal Representative
Life Insurance and the Estate Plan
Estate Planning and the IRA
Making Gifts to Reduce the Value of Your Estate
Taxes - Estate, Gift, Income
Tax Charts
Estate Planning Q&A, 2nd Ed.