Against the Wind: A Legal History of Civil Rights in South Carolina through Cases and Testimony over the Last Century
Offered on DVD
Original Presentation Date: February 23, 2017

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Described by attendees as one of the best CLE seminars ever, “Against the Wind: A Legal History of Civil Rights in South Carolina through Cases and Testimony over the Last Century” will allow you to walk in the footsteps of some of South Carolina's greatest lawyers who championed the struggle against injustice and viewed the courtroom as an arena for social justice and cultural change. Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear these powerful and inspiring stories, learn about the motivations, courage, theories and strategies that formed some of South Carolina's most treasured legal history moments.
This 7 ½ hour program is available on DVD. Purchase is for personal viewing and does not include CLE credit. If you would like to arrange for permission to show the video for CLE credit please contact Terry Burnett, CLE Director, at 803-576-3780 or by email at
Program Details:
Disc One:
Introduction and Overview: Legal History of Civil Rights in South Carolina (10 Minutes)
Hon. Joseph M. Strickland, Richland County Master in Equity
Nekki Shutt, Callison Tighe & Robinson, LLC
Rep. Bakari T. Sellers, Strom Law Firm, LLC
Political History Quiz “The Transformation of South Carolina Politics” (20 minutes)
                                Hon. Joseph M. Strickland, S.C. Master in Equity
1910-1964: Overview of the NAACP Legal Strategy in South Carolina for Challenging Segregation and Jim Crow (30 Minutes)
Patricia Sullivan, Ph.D., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
1910-1947: Panel Discussion on Early Civil Rights Cases (60 Minutes)
                                Prof. W. Lewis Burke, University of South Carolina School of Law
                                James L. Felder  
1952-1955: School Desegregation (15 Minutes)
                                Hon. Richard M. Gergel, U.S. District Court
1955: Before Rosa Parks (30 Minutes)
                        Hon. Cameron McGowan Currie, U.S. District Court         
Disc Two:
1961-1963: Clemson's Integration (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
                        Keynote Speaker Harvey B. Gantt
1968: The Student Movement (30 Minutes)
                                Cleveland L. Sellers
Sex Discrimination in the Workplace (30 Minutes)
                                Victoria L. Eslinger, Nexsen Pruet, LLC
1890-Present: Women in Law (45 Minutes)
                        Hon. Jean Hoefer Toal, retired, S.C. Supreme Court
Disc Three:
1993-1995: Challenging Single-Sex Education (30 Minutes)
                                M. Malissa Burnette, Callison Tighe & Robinson, LLC
2014: Achieving Marriage Equality (30 Minutes)
                                Colleen T. Condon, Condon Law Firm, LLC
2016: Transgender Bathroom Access and Employment Rights (30 Minutes)
                                Nekki Shutt, Callison Tighe & Robinson, LLC
Closing and Call to Action (15 Minutes)
                                Bobby J. Donaldson, Ph.D., University of South Carolina