A Guide to SC Legal Research & Citation - Table of Contents

Paula Gail Benson
© 2014

This revised Third Edition of A Guide to South Carolina Legal Research and Citation thoroughly and comprehensively discusses all aspects of legal research unique to South Carolina, including services available on the Internet and by computer. This publication sets out citation forms specific to South Carolina resources and is the manual prescribed in Rule 268 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules .

Summary of Contents:
Part I: Legal Research
Chapter 1: Case Law
Chapter 2: Legislative Law
Chapter 3: Administrative Law
Chapter 4: Constitutional Law
Chapter 5: Additional Resources

Part II: Legal Citation
Chapter 6: General Principle
Chapter 7: Case Law Citation
Chapter 8: Legislative Law Citations
Chapter 9: Administrative Law Citations
Chapter 10: Constitutional Law Citations
Chapter 11: Additional Resources

Guidelines for SC Legal Research
The Federal Court System
SC Judicial System
Parallel Reference Tables for Case Reports
How a Bill Becomes an Act
Explanation of SC Code Annotated Section and Statutory History
Regulatory Process in SC
Quick Reference to SC Citations
Rule 268 Citation of SC Authority
Guide To SC Legal Research