About the Seminar
Stuart Teicher has traveled the world as a professional legal educator and he's seen all kinds of bad behavior. Coincidentally, some of the bad behavior he's seen mirrors ethical misconduct in lawyers. Join the CLE Performer as he draws parallels between airline passengers and practitioners and explains key ethics rules as well as the substance abuse and mental health issues that will help every lawyer stay safe in their practice.   
Seminar Agenda 
Exit Row Ethics: What Rude Airline Travel Stories Teach About Attorney Ethics

I. Getting comfortable on your ethical journey 
Competence, Rule 1.1
Diligence, Rule 1.3
II. Formalities 
The details of Rule 1.5
III. Barriers :30 - 55
Conflicts, Rule 1.18 and 1.7
IV. Leaving something behind 
The “Leave Behind Conflicts” (as I call them) - Rules1.9(b) and 1.10(b)
V. Context is key 
The sometimes (but not always) permissible, strange behaviors in Rules 3.4 and 4.4
VI. Who gets to decide things between passengers? 
Allocation of decision-making responsibility, Rule 1.2
VII. Misconduct & Misrepresentation 
A variety of examples of Rule 8.4(a) - (d)
Unprofessional behavior that might be just short of actionable under Rule 8.4
Lying and Rules 4.1, 3.3 
Keeping Your Head on Straight
VIII. Keeping your head on straight- Substance Abuse and Mental Health in the legal profession
Avoiding the Substance Abuse in lawyers 
$2022; Substance Abuse Risk Factors
$2022; Understanding the triggers
$2022; Coping Mechanisms that lawyers could employ to avoid substance abuse
Dealing with the mental health stressors of the practice, in eluding those that lead lawyers to substance abuse 
$2022; Loneliness
$2022; The mental health toll from the adversary system
$2022; How family problems and personal issues (like getting older) have unique effects on the mental health of lawyers
Avoiding the mental health triggers in the practice- taking care of yourself 2:40-2:50
The unfortunate case study: What the famous drug death of a Wilson Sonsini partner can teach the rest of the practice about substance abuse. 
Speaker: Stuart Teicher
This seminar qualifies for 2.91 MCLE credit hours, including up to 1.91 LEPR credit hours and 1.0 SA/MH
This seminar is Intermediate Level.   
Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, if you completed this in 2019, please use this course code: 194354ADO