About the Seminar
The SC Bar CLE Division is proud to introduce our brand new Fourth Edition of South Carolina Civil Procedure by Professors Jim Flanagan, Joel Samuels and Colin Miller and John Nichols, Director of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.
The program will cover key updates to the SC Rules of Civil Procedure since the last edition, as well as providing practical instructions on e-filing in circuit court, e-discovery best practices, a powerful presentation by Justice John Few, and civil procedure tips and traps by a distinguished panel of appellate, circuit and family court judges.  Dean Rob Wilcox will round out this important seminar with an hour of ethics.
If you practice in state circuit, family, or equity court, this is a program - and an opportunity to get the brand new Fourth Edition book at a significant discount - that you won't want to miss!
Seminar Agenda 
Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Book Overview

Prof. James F. Flanagan - University of South Carolina School of Law 
Civil Procedure Rules Update & Changes Since the Last Edition
Prof. Colin Miller - University of South Carolina School of Law
John S. Nichols - Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Prof. Joel H. Samuels -University of South Carolina School of Law 
Jason M. Bobertz - South Carolina Supreme Court 
Lucile H. Cohen - Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP 
The Theoretical Foundations of the Rules of Civil Procedure; Applied in Real Cases with Real People
Justice John C. Few - South Carolina Supreme Court 
View from the Bench-Panel Discussion
Hon. Huntley S. Crouch - South Carolina Family Court
Hon. Brian M. Gibbons - South Carolina Circuit Court
Hon. Aphrodite K. Konduros - South Carolina Court of Appeals 
Ethics for Civil Litigators
Dean Robert M. Wilcox - University of South Carolina School of Law
About the Publication-Coming Soon to the CLE Division
South Carolina Civil Procedure, Fourth Edition by Professor James F. Flanagan, Professor Joel Samuels, Associate Dean Colin Miller and Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel John S. Nichols.
For the first time ever, this book is being published in two volumes due to its length. Volume I covers rules 1-37, while Volume II covers the remaining rules as well as subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, venue, and res judicata. Thus, Volume I addresses the rules that cover pleadings, parties and discovery, while Volume II addresses the rules that cover trials, judgment, remedies, appeals, clerks and general provisions, with the final four chapters (not linked to specific rules) covering general applicable information.
South Carolina Civil Procedure is logically organized, thorough, and comprehensive. The authors provide unerring guidance on our rules of civil procedure through detailed and thoughtful analysis, pinpoint citations to authority, and always with an emphasis on practical application for the busy practitioner.

Mandatory MCLE Credit Hours
This seminar qualifies for 5.83 MCLE Credit Hours, including up to 1.0 LEPR credit hour.
This seminar is an Intermediate to Advanced level program.
Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, if you completed this in 2019, please use this course code: 199821ADO 

Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, please use this course code if you completed the program in 2020: 201520ADO