About the Seminar
"We all have had those clients who, after leaving our office, leave us realizing that WE feel crazy. Whether they are so-called HCP (High Conflict People), personality disorder, or just plain mean, learn how to deal with and communicate effectively with this type of individual.  Learn about personality disorders and the BIFF method of communicating and diffusing conflicts. Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm communication will help diffuse people in your professional and personal life who deal in confusing communication, blowing up in emails or attacking through social media. This will help you be a better, more effective attorney, mediator, partner, and friend."

Speakers: Leslie A. Armstrong - Sahn Law Firm, LLC and Helen E. Wheeler - The Center for Families, L.L.C.

This seminar qualifies for 1.0 MCLE credit hour, including up to 1.0 SA/MH credit hour.

This seminar qualifies for 1.0 MCLE credit hour in NC.
This seminar is Intermediate Level.

Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, please use this course code if you completed the program in 2019: 194963ADO