About the Seminar
The South Carolina Bar CLE Division is proud to announce an important seminar that will provide prosecutors and the criminal defense bar with powerful and practical updates on South Carolina drug cases and issues.  In addition, this program signals the imminent publication of the brand new Fifth Edition of one of our most important criminal law practice manuals - Drug Litigation in South Carolina by former Thirteenth Circuit Assistant Solicitor, Melanie McCulley Yenovkian coming in January.
Course Planners Melanie Yenovkian, Dayne Phillips and Teckla Henderson have designed a unique seminar that will not only provide you with an overview of the new Fifth Edition, but will also provide practical guidance on current trends in SLED drug lab practices, drug court procedures, and federal opioid policies and prosecutions.  In addition, you will benefit from watching a mock drug suppression hearing and an actual drug dog demonstration, featuring Corporal James Sweatman and his faithful companion Rao.  Our program concludes with an important and insightful ethics presentation on the dangers of Unauthorized Practice of Law in the criminal practice and drug litigation context.
If you defend or prosecute drug crimes, this is a program you won't want to miss!
Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Drug Litigation in South Carolina, What You Need to Know about the New Fifth Edition

Melanie M. Yenovkian - Yenovkian Law Firm 
Current Trends at the SLED Lab and What They Mean for You
Wendy C. Bell -SLED 
Drug Court Update
Hon. H. Bruce Williams - S.C. Court of Appeals
Hon. William P. Keesley -S.C. Circuit Court 
Mock Suppression Hearing: An Interactive Lesson on Key Evidence Issues
Hon. Clifton B. Newman, presiding - S.C. Circuit Court
Prosecution: Samuel C. McGlothin - Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office
Defense: Dayne C. Phillips -Price Benowitz LLP 
Drug Dog Demonstration- A Nose for the Truth
Corporal James F. Sweatman, II and Canine Rao - South Carolina Highway Patrol 
Trends in Federal Opioid Prosecution
Andrew B. Moorman - U.S. Attorney's Office 
The Unauthorized Practice of Law: Ethical Oversight in Drug Cases
James Clayton Mitchell, III - Gallivan, White & Boyd, PA

Mandatory MCLE Credit Hour
This program qualifies for 5.75 MCLE credit hours, including up to 1.0 LEPR credit hour.
This seminar is an Intermediate to Advanced level program.
Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization for 2019, please use this course code: 199675ADO

Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, please use this course code if you completed the program in 2020: 201561ADO