The South Carolina Personal Representative Handbook, Second Edition
Matthew J. Myers

This Handbook is a practical guide through the South Carolina probate process for the lay personal representative, as well as the attorney and staff. It addresses the most common probate issues and questions, explains statutory requirements, lists and explains the most commonly used forms, and does it all in a systematic and plain-language fashion. 

This booklet is valuable as a resource which attorneys may give to their probate clients and will save you time and effort by informing your clients about the information they need to gather, the timetable of events, and the responsibilities and duties of the PR. 

Summary of Contents: 

- Preliminary Matters 

- Probate Administration Overview 

- Opening the Estate 

- Managing the Estate 

- Creditor Claims 

- Determining Heirs, Devisees and Their Interests 

- Distributing Assets 

- Closing the Estate 

- Other Special Circumstances 

- Appendixes 

  o Key Terms and Definitions 

  o Probate Forms List 

  o Filing Fees 

  o Helpful Web Resources