Daniel R. Denton

In this brand new publication, The Law of Slip & Fall in South Carolina, Daniel Denton has taken his 40 years of experience and created a valuable tool for all attorneys so that they may effectively investigate, evaluate, and litigate slip-and-fall and other personal injury cases. This book provides comprehensive analysis of South Carolina premises liability law applicable to slip-and-fall litigation, along with other areas of law typically involved in such cases. It should always be within reach when evaluating the factual and legal issues in your case, or when drafting legal memoranda and pretrial briefs.

Denton supplements the black-letter law with relevant appellate opinions, plus 13 “case notes” straight from cases he has litigated. These notes are included under the related case law discussion to illustrate how the legal principles studied apply to real-life cases. Throughout the book are 11 “practice tips,” including some checklists that can be used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a slip-and-fall case. With sections on duties, foreseeability, standards of care, immunities and limitations on recovery, comparative negligence and assumption of risk, along with a table of 185 cases for easy reference, this book also serves as a primer for personal injury law in general.

The Law of Slip & Fall in South Carolina covers:
The classification of different types of visitors;
The elements of a slip-and-fall case and who has the burden of proof;
The duties owed to invitees;
Latent dangers and open-and-obvious dangers;
Nondelegable duties;
Storekeepers’ duties to patrons;
Notice of hazards–actual and constructive;
The rules applicable to landlords and tenants;
Standards of care from common law, industry standards, contract, and statutes;
Immunities and limitations on recovery;
Comparative negligence and assumption of risk;
Case summaries categorized into specific hazards, including parking lots, sidewalks, wet floors, and unleveled surfaces.

Included with your purchase, is a CD with all the book’s appendices, which includes:
List of resources describing publications for slip-and-fall practice and procedure, general treatises and law review articles covering substantive legal issues, and aids for case development and litigation;
Summaries of the most relevant governmental codes, regulations, and industry standards related to slip and falls;

Checklist of slip-and-fall comparative fault factors;
Eighteen sample forms, including complaints and an answer; discovery documents, such as interrogatories and requests for production; trial documents and memoranda of law; and sample experts’ reports illustrating expert analysis and opinions in slip-and-fall cases.

Summary of Contents
Premises Classification of Visitors
Burden of Proof-- Elements of a Slip-and-Fall Case
Duties Owed to Invitees
Duties of Storekeepers
Notice of the Hazard
Landlord and Tenant
Standards of Care – Defining Duty
Immunities and Limitations on Recovery
Comparative Negligence and Assumption of Risk
Slip-and-Fall Cases Involving Specific Types of Hazards
Regulations & Standards
Sample Pleading & Discovery Forms
Trials Documents
Memoranda of Law
Sample Experts’ Reports

What Bar Members are Saying About this Book:

I recently purchased [the] book on Slip & Fall law at the SC Bar Convention in January. I have found the book very useful and a great guide for some of my slip and fall cases already. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to have all of the relevant case law and legal issues regarding slip and fall cases in one place. (Particularly Chapter 10 and Appendix A & B).

Your book has already enabled me to write a better demand letter citing relevant case law and prepare better discovery for the Defendant(s) to respond to. It also has given me a better understanding of the information I need to get to prevent the dreaded Summary Judgment.
William J. Luse
Law Office of William J. Luse
Myrtle Beach

[This] book is a real service to the Bar and I salute your effort.
Ellis I. Kahn
Kahn Law Firm, LLP

I bought your Slip and Fall book about a year ago and it has been a great help to me in many ways. It is the type of practical, nuts and bolts advice I… need.
Daniel Hunnicutt
Law Offices of Daniel Hunnicutt