Justin S. Kahn
Copyright 2018

Understanding the rules of evidence is critical for a lawyer who tries cases. As the practitioner who works with the rules of evidence knows, what is understood in theory often becomes less clear in practice. South Carolina Evidence Annotated, Thirteenth Edition is designed to be a handy reference for the litigator practicing in all state courts and tribunals in South Carolina that use the Rules of Evidence. This book is to be used as a quick starting point for researching and finding the rules, cases and statutes related to evidence in South Carolina.

With more than 340 pages of content, this indispensable book includes the full text of the South Carolina Rules of Evidence (with official comments), hundreds of annotations current through July 5, 2018, selected South Carolina evidentiary statutes, selected South Carolina constitutional provisions and the latest update to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

-South Carolina Rules of Evidence Annotated
-Relevant United States Constitutional Provisions
-Relevant South Carolina Constitutional Provisions
-Relevant South Carolina Statutes
-Federal Rules of Evidence