South Carolina Damages, Second Edition - 2017 Supplement © 2017

Edited by James L. Ward Jr., Esquire and Edward J. Westbrook, Esquire 

The 2017 Supplement to South Carolina Damages, Second Edition, includes significant cases decided after 2009, the date the main volume was completed and December 2016, the research deadline for the Supplement. The 2017 Supplement includes updates to all chapters except Chapters 30 (Medical Malpractice) and 39 (Workers’ Compensation) and includes complete rewrites of Chapters 6 (Punitive Damages), 10 (The Taxation of Settlements and Judgments), 21 (Dram Shop Liability), and 32 (Qui Tam Damages). It follows the format of the main volume with cases and materials citing the chapter and page of the original volume so that all materials are placed in the context of the discussion in the original volume.