PLEASE NOTE: The correct CDR Code assigned to South Carolina Code §24-13-0410, Unlawful escape or possessing tools or weapons thereof; penalty, is 2527.  It is incorrectly listed in the 2017 Edition as 3113. Please make the necessary corrections in your book. We apologize for any inconvenience.

(Special thanks to Luke Pincelli, Assistant Solicitor for the Eleventh Circuit and Heath Taylor of Taylor Law Firm LLC, for notifying us of the error.)

South Carolina Criminal Offenses and Penalties, 2017 Edition
Douglas S. Strickler (1950-2018)
South Carolina Criminal Offenses and Penalties is the standard reference for both attorneys and law enforcement officers. The 2017 Edition includes all legislative changes through the 2017 legislative session and puts at your fingertips the citation and sentence for most South Carolina criminal offenses from A to Z. 
The 2017 Edition contains all offenses in Title 16, all classified offenses, all offenses carrying a maximum penalty of one year or more, and other selected offenses that warranted inclusion. The 2017 Edition is organized in two sections with offenses listed alphabetically in one section, and by Code section in the other. Just like the 2015 Edition of this book, it is available in the 7 by 10 format with spiral binding. The larger size and improved binding were selected to help make this essential criminal law resource sturdier and better able to withstand daily use. The spiral binding allows the open book to fold back upon itself and yet still remain flat, so it stays open for easy reference, yet takes up minimal room on a desk or table.