SC Business Law Handbook - Table of Contents


Principal Authors:
Brian M. Collie, Esquire 
James T. H. Buxton, Esquire 
Nathan D. Johnson, Esquire 

Contributing Authors: William R. McLeod, Jr., Vince C. Northcutt, Esquire, Elizabeth Baggett Riddle, Esquire, Meredith Guthrie Maxwell, Esquire, Douglas L. Lineberry, Esquire, Jeffrey T. Hutto, CPA, Taylor Faw, Esquire, and Frederick W. Faircloth, IV, J.D., LL.M.

Business activity in many parts of South Carolina is vibrant and robust. Our economy is growing, businesses are being created, companies are moving headquarters and manufacturing facilities to our state, and South Carolina is increasingly viewed by companies and entrepreneurs around the globe as a wonderful place to start and grow a business. Business attorneys play a key role in this economic growth, and the content of this Handbook is intended to increase the knowledge capital of the legal counsel representing the businesses that are fueling this economic growth. Business owners are on better footing when they are prepared and know the fundamentals of legal concepts they encounter in forming and operating a business in South Carolina. The purpose of this Handbook is to provide attorneys, fledging entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike the tools and information needed to help each of these parties thoughtfully consider many basic laws, rules and legal concepts they will encounter in their attorney-client relationship and the execution of their business plan. 

With 13 chapters, the Handbook provides information on topics such as initial business formation and tax considerations, corporate governance, business licenses, real estate considerations for business owners, basic employment law considerations, intellectual property, workers’ compensation rules, securities considerations, buying and selling a business, and dissolution and termination. It includes practical application of business law concepts, highlighting basic legal strategy for lawyers and business owners through a “Q&A” and “Practice Pointer” format placed throughout the chapters. 

Summary of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction to General Business Considerations and Understanding the Role of Legal Counsel

Chapter 2: Choice of Business Entity, Corporate Law Basics, and Initial Tax Considerations

Chapter 3: Corporate Governance

Chapter 4: Business Licenses in South Carolina

Chapter 5: What Business Owners Need to Know About Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Chapter 6: Selected Topics in South Carolina and Federal Employment Law

Chapter 7: Real Estate Considerations for Business Owners

Chapter 8: Intellectual Property Basics for Attorneys and Entrepreneurs

Chapter 9: State Income, Business Personal Property, Sales and Use Tax and Other Select Taxation Topics in South Carolina

Chapter 10: Securities Considerations

Chapter 11: Estate Planning and Your Business

Chapter 12: Buying and Selling a South Carolina Business

Chapter 13: Termination of Business: Concepts and Strategies

Table of Authorities