Professor Roy T. Stuckey
Marriage and Divorce Law in South Carolina-A Layperson's Guide, is a unique resource for South Carolina Family Law practitioners and their clients. The Fourth Edition is fully updated since the release of the last edition in 2007 and includes the June 2015 changes to South Carolina's domestic violence laws.
Professor Roy T. Stuckey, author of Marital Litigation in SC Substantive Law, Fourth Edition, has distilled this important work down to its essence and has added coverage of additional topics of interest to clients. The result is a concise, authoritative, and understandable resource for laypersons on virtually every aspect of marriage and divorce law in South Carolina. This handy softcover guide covers virtually every important Family Law issue, including laws on marriage, domestic violence, separation, divorce, division of property, alimony, visitation, bankruptcy, custody and support, and everything in between. There is even a chapter about hiring and working with an attorney.

Some of South Carolina's most well-respected Family Law practitioners reviewed this book and without exception, they agree it is a welcome resource for every lawyer who advises or represents clients about marriage and divorce. Written especially for the layperson, it answers in everyday terminology the most frequently asked questions your clients will have. This book is designed to be a complement to legal services, not a replacement for them. It promises to be one of the most valuable and important resources you will ever buy for your clients.

Summary of Contents

Creating a Marriage
Introduction to Marriage
Breach of Promise to Marry
Engagement Rings
Premarital Agreements
Statutory and Common Law Marriages Can Be Created in South Carolina
Who Does Not Have the Capacity to Get Married in South Carolina
The Legal Significance of Being Married

Altering or Ending a Marriage
The Psychological Stages of Divorce
Initial Things to Consider Upon Deciding to End a Marriage
Court Actions That Change the Marital Relationship

How Cases Proceed Through the Family Court
Getting Started
Preparing for Settlement or Trial
After the Final Order is Filed

Issues That Frequently Arise When a Marriage Ends
Family Violence
Property Division
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support

Issues That Sometimes Arise after Divorce
Enforcing or Modifying Agreements
Enforcing Family Court Orders
Modifying Family Court Orders

Hiring and Working with a Lawyer
Determining If You Need a Lawyer
Discussing the Case with Your Spouse's Lawyer
Hiring A Lawyer
Respective Roles and Expectations of Lawyers and Clients
Ending the Lawyer-Client Relationship
Fee Disputes
Malpractice or Other Unprofessional Conduct

Marriage & Divorce