The Commercial Driver's License Tool Kit
Authored and Compiled by Ronnie M. Cole and Frank L. (Val) Valenta, Jr.
The holder of a commercial driver's license faces a myriad of legal regulations and obstacles. Failure to recognize and understand these issues may cause the CDL holder to lose the license as well as his or her livelihood.
The Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Tool Kit authored and compiled by Ronnie M. Cole and Frank L. (Val) Valenta, Jr. serves as a “go to” guide for criminal law practitioners, assisting both the prosecution and defense.  The CDL Tool Kit is designed to help attorneys in the criminal law field strengthen their skills and learn what to look for in handling commercial driver's license issues in South Carolina.  This is a short concise manual with an easy-to-use tabbing system so that you can quickly and easily locate your area of interest. 
Summary of Contents:
Compliance & Safety Accountability
Federal Regulations
South Carolina Code Section
DMV Suspension Matrix
City Ordinances
Enforcement of Violations
Implied Consent
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Forms
South Carolina State Transport Police Forms
Department of Transportation Job History Reports
Medical Cards