Jean Hoefer Toal, Amelia Waring Walker, Margaret E. Baker
Appellate Practice in South Carolina, Third Edition answers such questions as: How are arguments preserved at trial for appeal? What orders are immediately appealable? What is the process for appealing to the circuit court and appellate courts?
What is the process for administrative appeals? What are the best strategies for compiling the Record on Appeal, for writing an effective brief and for approaching oral argument?

Repeatedly cited by South Carolina’s appellate courts and fully updated, Appellate Practice in South Carolina, Third Editioncontains hundreds of citations and covers important developments in South Carolina appellate practice. Appellate
Practice in South Carolina, Third Editionis not only a vital handbook for the novice appellate practitioner but also a strategy guide for the experienced attorney.

Summary of Contents
South Carolina’s Court Structure
Review of Judicial Decisions
Appealability of Judgments and Orders
Issue Preservation
Standard and Scope of Review
Initiating and Perfecting the Appeal
Matters Pending Appeal
Motions and Petitions in the Appellate Courts
Concluding the Appeal
The Record on Appeal
The Appellate Brief
Oral Argument
Appellate Practice in SC