About the Seminar
Howard Wolkowitz's Heath of your Wealth CLE empowers you to create wealth through effective rainmaking and safeguard that wealth through prudent financial management.
What You Will Learn: 
-Become an effective rainmaker to create financial freedom.
-Build an effective team of trusted advisors to grow and protect your assets and your family.
-Enjoy life, family, friends and minimize stress and uncertainty.
Howard Wolkowitz realized early in life that the best way to make a good living was to learn how to generate clients. His success led him to generate clients, income and assets. As a result, he had to learn how to build a financial team to manage, grow and protect his money.
It is through trial and error that Howard learned the secrets of financial success and financial wisdom. Howard makes it easy to understand that success starts inside of you. Nobody gives you success and nobody will take care of you and your family better than you. It is a present you give yourself.
As an attorney you have 5 career paths, Howard will show you each one and how to choose our career path. Once you choose your career path, Howard will show you how to achieve financial freedom.
Howard is offering a complementary personal assessment to SC Bar members who complete this CLE program. Learn how close you are to financial freedom.
Go to lawyersrainingclients.com to learn more.
This program qualifies for 1.16 MCLE credit hour.
This seminar is an Basic level program.
Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, if you completed this in 2019, please use this course code: 195658ADO