About the Seminar
Focusing on the career of the Beatles as a case study, this course is designed to give the general practitioner an overview of music copyright law concepts, but drilling down when necessary to discuss the sources of revenue songs can generate and other pertinent areas.
This fascinating and entertaining course covers the basics of music copyright law, including the two copyrights in every song; how to establish and register a copyright for your music, and what is a copyright and how to get one.  Attendees will also explore the exclusive rights you get when you have a copyright, and what those basic rights mean under federal law.  We'll explore how the music industry has changed over the years and how that affects the law.  All the while, we listen to music and audio clips to elaborate on the law. We will also delve into joint authorship, works-made-for-hire and copyright infringement.
The ethics portion of the Music Copyright CLE focuses in on the unique issues faced when representing an organization.  The presenter has first-hand experience in this area as a former General Counsel to a company.  The one-hour ethics portion focuses even more particularly on representing a band or artist and uses the final few years of The Beatles as a case study.  Specific emphasis is placed on the ABA's Model Rules of Professional Conduct as amended by the South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct: Rule 1.7 (Conflict of Interest-Current Client); Rule 1.13 (Organization as a client); Rule 1.14 (Client with Diminished Capacity); and Rule 2.1 (Role as Advisor).  Further, we review the ethical issues in the “My Sweet Lord” copyright infringement case.
Whether you already practice Intellectual Property Law, or are simply curious about this little understood area, this fast-paced and engaging program will expand your knowledge base and keep your toes tapping! Don't miss it!
Seminar Agenda 
Intro to Copyright Concepts and the Legal Framework of a Band 
What is A Copyright and How to Obtain     

1. Reproduction 
2. Distribution and Music Licensing 
3. Public Performance 
4. Digital Transmission and Streaming 
5. Derivatives and Sampling 
6. Public Displays and Wrapping Up the Rights and Revenue 
Songwriting Credits/Lyrics/Joint Authors  
Works Made for Hire/Termination Rights 
How Songs Are Built: Standards in Copyright Infringement Cases and Damages 
Ethical Issues Regarding Band Representation and Organization/Diminished Capacity MRPC 1.13, 1.14 
Ethical Issues and Conflict of Interest in Representing Competing Interests in a Group MRPC 1.7, 2.1 
This seminar is Introductory Level. 
This seminar qualifies for 6.0 MCLE credit hour, including up to 1.0 LEPR Credit hour.
Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, please use this course code for 2018: 183587ADO

Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, please use this course code if you completed the program in 2019: 191298ADO