About the Seminar
Greenville litigator Thomas Gagne provides keen insights and guidance on how cross-examination can be your most effective weapon at trial or your most dangerous adversary. Get practical and effective advice on this often misunderstood and more often misused tool so that you can learn how to craft a cross-examination that is a missile and not a suicide bomb! Thomas Gagne discusses:

  • The most effective method of cross examination
  • A theoretical framework from which to develop your cross examination strategy
  • When not to cross-examine
  • The most common methods of cross examination
  • The body language of cross examination

This seminar qualifies for 1.48 MCLE credit hours.  

This seminar qualifies for 1.25 MCLE credit hour in North Carolina.
This seminar is Basic Level. 

Note: When submitting your compliance reports to the SC Commission on CLE and Specialization, please use this course code if you completed the program in 2018: 181772ADO