Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
What is We the People: Project Citizen?
Who created the curriculum and where are they?
The trainings are free and the curriculum is free. Where do the funds come from?
What do teachers like most about the curriculum?
What do students like most about the curriculum?
Do you have any evaluation of the program?
What classes can the curriculum be taught in?
What costs are associated with implementing this program?

State and Congressional District Coordinators
What does a state coordinator do?
Who is the state coordinator for South Carolina?
What is a congressional district coordinator?
How does a teacher know which congressional district there school falls under?
What does a congressional district coordinator do?

Professional Developments
What are professional developments?
Can a school district or a school request on-site professional development trainings?
Do teachers receive credit for professional development?
Where are professional developments held?
When are professional developments held?
How do you promote a professional development training?
How does a teacher sign up to be on the list serv to receive training announcements?
Is there a registration fee to attend a professional development?
Does the SC Bar cover expenses for substitutes?
What do attendees receive at a professional development training?
Are there summer institutes on Project Citizen?
Who can attend summer institutes?

How is the curriculum distributed?
How long does it take to receive a classroom set of textbooks?
What levels are available in the curriculum?
How much is the curriculum?
Is there a teachers’ edition to compliment the student textbook?
Can teachers get a replacement set of curriculum with each new school year?
How does a training attendee receive a classroom set of textbooks?
Can a teacher receive a classroom set if they are not teaching in the classroom?
If a teacher teaches multiple classes of Project Citizen, can they get more than one set of the curriculum?
Can the curriculum be taught in a block schedule?
How much time needs to be blocked to teach Project Citizen?
Do the textbooks come in different languages other than English?
How long does it take for an attendee to receive their set of classroom textbooks?
Can a teacher purchase a classroom set of textbooks?
Can a teacher receive a classroom set of textbooks without attending a training?
If a teacher changes schools, do the textbooks stay at the school or go with the teacher?
What if a teacher changes states, can they still do Project Citizen?

Is the curriculum at all the levels correlated to the state standards?
Why would a teacher want the curriculum correlated to the standards?
Can a teacher meet the state standards and still use this curriculum?

Showcase and Simulated Hearings
What is a showcase?
What does a showcase look like?
What is an in-school “simulated“ hearing?
What does an in-school hearing look like?
Where is an in-school hearing held?
What happens if a teacher implements Project Citizen with more than one class?
When is an in-school hearing conducted?
Who judges the in-school hearings?
Who qualifies to enter a showcase?
Can a school participate in an in-school hearing and not in a showcase?
Where is a showcase held?
Who attends a showcase?
When is a showcase?
What happens after the showcase?
How is a showcase judged?
Do the students of the state winning class get to go to the national showcase?