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Authorization Form
Bailiff Script

Courtroom Artist and Journalist Submission Form

Most Effective Nomination by Teams Certificate - Samples for Completion

National Competition Advancement Commitment Form
Official Scoresheet
Penalty Form - Rule Violations
Penalty Form - Time Violations

Practice Scoresheet

Pro Bono Form for Attorneys
Professionalism and Civility Ballot
Schedule Sample - Traditional Competition
Scoring Criteria
Scoring Guide- New for 22-23
Scoresheet Sample

Teacher Time Tracking Form
Team Drop Form

Quick Resource Guide for Zoom on Mock Trial  - N/A for 22-23

Team Roster Forms

  • Each participating team has a link sent with their individual Team Roster

Timekeeper Record Form

Timekeeper Time Card Samples

What to Expect from Regional Competitions
What to Expect from the State Competition
What Parents and Visitors should know